Whether you call it autumn or fall, the year’s third season has nearly arrived. This is a time of harvest—the time to reap the benefits of what was so carefully sowed back in the spring. But if you’re a job seeker, it can be hard to stay motivated as the sunlight leaves us again. Use this list of quick tips for finding a job and re-invigorate your search!

Part One: Research

1. The financial services and technology sectors continue to lead in the numbers of new jobs created. More specifically, Amazon and JPMorgan Chase currently rank #1 and #2 respectively for companies that have added the most new positions.

2. The Muse publishes a monthly list called “Companies that are Hiring Like Crazy,” so go read September’s edition and then keep your eyes open for future articles!

3.  If you want a new position but aren’t set on a particular field, use the “Industries at a Glance” overviews from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This comprehensive statistical database can help you figure out which industries might offer the best opportunities. There are pages for more than 100 industries.

4. A company’s quarterly financial reports can give you great insight into whether or not to pursue a position there. Look for trends not only in overall profits, but also how the company is spending its money—such as increases in administrative expenses.

Part Two: Housekeeping

5. Take the start of fall as an opportunity to clean up your resume: incorporate a career summary, add pertinent accomplishments, and make sure you’re using the right format.

6. Review your job references as well. Competition for jobs is high, and there’s no quicker way to irritate a potential employer than to point them towards references that can’t actually be contacted. A few quick check-ins is all it takes to get this squared away.

7. Get in the habit of running your resume through Jobscan before submitting applications. Tailoring a resume for each individual job description is crucial—and Jobscan’s analysis tool helps you instantly see how well you’ve incorporated a job posting’s keywords.

8. LinkedIn is your friend in countless ways when it comes to job hunting. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date (including contact information that’s easy to find), join discussion groups in your chosen industry, and follow news from companies you’ve applied to.

Part Three: Action

9. Take some of the control back in your job search and reach out to companies for informational interviews. This is a low-pressure situation that can yield great results for you as a candidate: industry insight, the ability to demonstrate your interest, and perhaps even a new mentor.

10. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to apply for seasonal work! Many employers will start posting temporary jobs this month in anticipation of the coming holiday rush.

11. Try out a resume template. Jobscan’s free collection of 20 resume templates designed to get past applicant tracking systems is sure to have one you’ll like.

12. When’s the last time you checked in with a mentor? Send an email to a previous supervisor, teacher, or colleague you’re close with and update that person on your job search. Ask for help with networking or find out how they managed their own career transitions.

Think of these tips for finding a job as a big, glorious leaf pile: just jump in and have some fun!

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