When taking your resume from responsibility-based to accomplishment-based, choose terms that can be quantified in some way. Identify your resume achievements and use words that relate to money, time, market share, or deliverables to effectively convey your impact.

Here are eight accomplishment examples you can use on your resume to demonstrate how well you’ve done, not just what you did:

1. Saved X amount of time by making Y improvement.

2. Finished project X amount of time ahead of schedule.

3. Ran marketing campaigns for X number of products.

4. Placed stories in X number of publications.

5. Increased email subscriber base by X percent in Y amount of time.

6. Improved conversion rate by X percent using Y process.

7. Increased customer satisfaction rating by X percent.

8. Boosted revenues X percent using Y process.

#. 10 More Resume Accomplishment Examples

By focusing on resume accomplishments such as these, you will distinguish yourself from most candidates, whose resumes contain bland job descriptions—not selling points.

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