5 Things Recruiters Look for in a Resume

Each recruiter will only spend about six seconds skimming a potential applicant’s resume. Six seconds. While conveying your persuasive work history in this length of time could seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Recruiters who read resumes aren’t doing anything surprising: if your resume seems like it could persuade a hiring manager, they’ll forward it […]


How to Master Informal Networking, Without Being “That” Guy

Networking is an important part of getting your dream job. You need to make sure that you’re coming across as both likable and professional without becoming “that” guy. We all know him: overdressed, overselling, and over-aggressive. No thanks. We’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts about how to master informal networking without putting anybody […]

older professional holding a laptop

20+ Years Experience: Creating a Resume that Highlights Your Expert Skills

How to appear skill-focused and contemporary As someone with a long work history, you’ve got the skills and expertise for high-level jobs. America has millions, yes, millions of open jobs that require skilled workers like you to fill them. But your long years of work experience also might send up red flags for hiring managers. […]

summer job search - man on beach

Fun(ctional) in the Sun: How to Stay Motivated in Your Job Search During the Summer

Setting Attainable Goals, Changing Up Your Routine, and Taking Breaks. According to the recruitment software company Jobvite, it takes 43 days on average for an open job to be filled. But that average job search time isn’t anywhere near consistent. Looking for a job with the words “director” or “vice president”? Your wait time goes […]

personality questions

How to Ace Personality Interview Questions

What Those Personality Interview Questions Really All About? Job interviews are almost always stressful, but your anxiety can rocket to never-before-seen levels when you don’t know the right answer to a question. That’s often the case with personality questions and psychological testing, because you don’t know what the interviewer is looking for. Sure, you can […]

Acing the STAR Method

One you’ve been in the throes of a job search you’ve experienced all different kinds of interviews – some good and some bad. The most challenging interview is often one where the interviewer doesn’t really know what to do or which questions to ask. It’s hard to get your points across when the interviewer isn’t asking […]

behavior interview questions and answers

10 Common Behavioral Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Hint: It Starts Way Before You Get to the Interview One cliché we’ve all heard is that past behavior predicts future behavior. That may or may not be psychologically sound, but it is the theory behind behavioral interview questions. Many recruiters believe that the best way to gain insight into how you’d handle certain situations […]