hospitality worker makes a career change

Career Change Ideas for Hospitality Professionals

Whether you work at restaurants or hotels, casinos or concerts, the hospitality life is always an interesting one. But maybe you’ve decided to shift your career away from hospitality, either because of the changing economy or your changing needs. Where do you go? Which career do you pursue next? Hospitality professionals are skilled at helping […]

jobs for former teachers

14 Well-Matched Jobs for Former Teachers

Teaching is a rewarding career and perhaps one of the most important jobs in society. Teachers often work under immense pressure and develop fine tuned skills. But what happens when teaching no longer works for your lifestyle? How do you transfer your specialized skills to a new career? We used the Jobscan Career Change Tool […]

career change cover letter

The Career Change Cover Letter: How to Get it Right

Transitioning careers can be an exciting fresh start in your professional life. But convincing recruiters and hiring managers to give you a chance can be challenging. Even if you’ve polished your career change resume, you’ll still need to explain how your experience and skills can successfully transfer to a new position. The cover letter is […]

career change at 30

How to Make a Career Change at 30

Changing careers at 30 can be very rewarding, especially if you’ve spent your twenties on an unhappy or unfocused career path. Perhaps that’s not the case for you. Maybe you’re satisfied with the career choices you’ve made but now better understand your intellectual and financial needs. Maybe your position has disappeared or a change in […]

Common Interview Questions

49 Common Interview Questions and Prompts to Help You Prepare

Beyond researching the company and the hiring manager, preparing answers to common interview questions is the best thing you can do before an interview. It can help you be more confident and comfortable in interviews—and ultimately help you land the job. Below we’ve considered every type of interview question from the most common to those […]

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