Lessons from great recession

Job Search Lessons from the Great Recession

Like during the Great Recession, many have lost their jobs and are now dealing with an uncertain future. Because there’s bound to be some longterm effect on the job market, we wanted to know how job seekers can best prepare themselves. We looked to the strategies that worked during the Great Recession.

COVID-19 Job Statistics

COVID-19 Job Market Statistics

The job market and workplace are changing rapidly as the COVID-19 crisis forces more companies to operate remotely and layoff…

which companies are still hiring during covid-19

Are Companies Still Hiring During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Overall hiring has slowed significantly. However, many companies are still looking for candidates, while others have ramped up hiring to accommodate increased sales. Here are some tips for finding a job during the COVID-19 crisis.

hiring manager reviewing a one-page resume

Is a One Page Resume Right for You?

Condensing your resume to one page forces you to be concise and strategic about the details you include. This sort of thoughtfulness is essential to grabbing a recruiter’s attention. But one page resumes can be limiting, too. So, is a single-page resume right for you? Read on to find out.