Job references

7 Steps for Choosing and Using Job References

There are a lot of things to consider when hunting for a job: your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, researching employers, potential interview questions, and more. Choosing the best job references, and following good etiquette when using them, isn’t always a priority for job seekers–but it should be. A reference can be the difference between […]

Social Media resume keywords

Resume Keywords: The Right Social Media Skills for Your Resume

Resume examples are a useful tool, especially industry-specific ones–they allow job seekers to compare their resumes to those of people in their field. This way, job seekers can learn about the tools and technologies they need to know, and see how their skills and accomplishments stack up. There is one thing resume examples can’t do, […]

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The Resume Template Trend You Should Avoid

There are numerous reasons to use a resume template, but if you go that route, it’s important choose a template carefully. It’s common for templates to be loaded with unnecessary elements and features, such as photos and graphics. And today we’re talking about one particular resume template feature you should avoid: skills ratings. Unlike a typical […]

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Resume Genius Review

A resume builder is a useful tool for job seekers wanting a convenient way to create polished-looking resumes. To help job seekers find the best resume builder for their situation, we’re publishing a series of reviews. Today, we’re featuring Resume Genius. Resume Genius claims that 92 percent of users land an interview within 30 days of […]

How to make a career management document or master resume.

Creating a Career Management Document or Master Resume

One of the most common resume tips is to tailor your resume to each individual job before applying. This advice is common because it’s effective. But many people continue to submit generic resume after generic resume because they believe, mistakenly, that it’s time-consuming to create a targeted resume for every single job. If you have a career […]

minimalist resume templates

4 Minimalist Resume Templates

When searching through resume templates, it can be hard to find ones that aren’t cluttered with multiple colors, graphics, photos, skill rankings, and other unnecessary elements. Your resume is your chance to market yourself and your experience. The last thing you want is a design that distracts from what’s most important: the content. Use Etsy to Find […]

Applicant Tracking System Uncovered: Qandidate

An applicant tracking system, or ATS, is a software application used to store, sort, and search through resumes. There are many applicant tracking systems out there, all with different features and functions. This post provides an in-depth review of one particular ATS: Qandidate. Launched by Wouter Goedhart, Tycho van Paassen, and Remy Verhoeven in 2013, Qandidate is now used by […]

Applicant Tracking System Uncovered: SmartRecruiters

An applicant tracking system, or ATS, is a software application used by recruiters and hiring managers to store, sort, and search through resumes. There are numerous applicant tracking systems on the market, and they all function a bit differently. This post offers an in-depth look at one specific ATS: SmartRecruiters. SmartRecruiters, headquartered in San Francisco, was founded by Jerome […]

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Writing a Finance Resume

Finance is a competitive field thanks to the prestige and high pay that accompany many positions, meaning that a job seeker would need an outstanding finance resume to get noticed. The finance industry is made up of sectors including banking, asset management, venture capital, insurance, and others. Beyond the obvious factors—such as attending an exceptional school, getting […]