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Something about the temperature dropping, leaves changing and backpacks bobbing up and down outside our windows makes us reminiscent for the start of school. While most of us haven’t had a first day of school in years (let’s not admit how many), the nostalgia remains strong. Why not harness that first-day-of-school feeling and use it to start fresh in your work life? Whether you’re beginning a job search or simply looking to freshen up your current job, here are some tips on how to turn over a new leaf.

The fall job search

You know that kick of motivation you feel in the fall? Well, everybody else is feeling that as well. Competition for jobs is high this time of year, and companies’ hiring budgets are getting low. On the other hand, many companies are noticing how soon the end of the year is coming and hoping to use up their hiring budget before then. Whether fall is a good time to look for a new job or not could be argued a hundred different ways. Truthfully, that shouldn’t be your focus. Use this back-to-work mentality to jump into your job search at full speed, and you’ll get a job regardless of seasonality. What steps should you take to start a job search? Glad you asked!

The basic steps are as follows: fix up your resume, network, and use job boards. Without a proper resume, the rest of your job search is pointless. Check out our Resume Writing Guide to help you optimize yours.

Follow these easy steps to fix up your resume.
Follow these easy steps to fix up your resume.

Once your resume is perfect, you should focus your efforts on networking. When we say “networking”, we’re talking about two different kinds: networking in person and networking on social media. You should be doing both. Attend local events or seminars in your field and reach out to former coworkers or mentors to meet for coffee. When networking online, LinkedIn should be your best friend. Take advantage of LinkedIn groups, and consider using Facebook and Twitter to increase your social media networking output.

Think of job boards as the friend you call when your best friend is on vacation. LinkedIn is your best friend, but job boards are a close second. Research job boards and pick out two or three that you prefer. Check in on those job boards–like every good friend should–a few times every week to see if any new jobs catch your eye. Each time you apply for a new job, customize your resume for ATS.

Freshen up your work life

What about those of you who love your job but also love fall? Jobscan can help you take advantage of starting fresh as well. After all, loving your job does not mean you don’t get bored from time to time (or everyday). To figure out how you should start fresh, break down your daily schedule.

Ask yourself, what are a few of the things I love about my daily schedule? Those are the things you should leave alone. Then ask the inverse, “what are a few of the things I don’t love about my daily schedule?” Can any of those tasks be delegated to someone else or removed completely? If not, move your schedule around. One of the hardest parts about having the same job for a long time is the monotony that can ensue. If you normally do a certain task that you don’t like in the morning, change it to the afternoon. Just that tiny change in habit can breathe fresh air into your daily routine.

Networking is often associated with finding a new job. However, networking can be useful to those who are happy with their current jobs as well. One way to improve our work life is to learn more about the field you work in. By networking with other people in your field, both online and in person, you will pick up new knowledge and be even better at what you do. Networking is also great for building up your client base, meeting people who could join your team, developing side projects and preparing for a future job search. All of these aspects will make you happier in your day-to-day work life. The infographic below shows the steps of in-person networking.

Back-to-Work-Networking-Event-Infographic copy

One thing is for sure, whether you are searching for a new job or sticking with your current job, the inspiration brought on by the crisp fall air should not go to waste. Take charge of your work life the way you used to take charge of the first day of school–with positivity, excitement, and high hopes for the year ahead.

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