Searching and applying for jobs can be overwhelming and tedious. You may know of a friend or relative who’s looking for a new job and could use some assistance. The holiday season is a great time to offer a gift to help them improve their resume for job applications in the new year.

Consider this your holiday guide to gifts for job seekers in your life. The following are all useful ideas that will assist any family or friends that are looking for a new job or to expand their professional skills.

1. Resume Editing and Interview Coaching Services

Professional resume and interview assistance are among the best gifts you can give to a job seeker. A professionally written resume, for example, can help a job seeker to expertly word, organize, and format their resume so that it gets past a company’s applicant tracking system. Getting past the applicant tracking system means a better chance of an interview.

Professional resume and job support services are offered from Noelle Gross, Debra Wheatman, and Amie Thompson. Some of their career resources include cover letter and resume help, interview coaching, networking advice, and guides and workshops about advancing a career. These types of services can serve as a beneficial gift for your family or friend, who may be uncomfortable with peer-editing or afraid to ask for professional job assistance.

2. LinkedIn Premium

Help the job seeker in your life upgrade a basic LinkedIn account with a premium membership. This gift is a great tool during the holiday season because companies typically receive fewer job applications in December. It’s a great time for a job seeker to improve their resume and send out applications since competition is low. LinkedIn Premium will show them how to improve their resume for recruiters, how they compare to other applicants for a position, and who is interested in their profile. It will also provide them with advanced search tools. This way, your friend or family member can stand out from the crowd before the flood of January applications.

The tools and benefits of LinkedIn Premium for job seekers.
The tools and benefits of LinkedIn Premium for job seekers.

3. Jobscan Premium

This is a more affordable gift alternative to a professional editing or coaching service. You can give the job seeker a Jobscan Premium account. This gift can help them to improve their resume by boosting their chances of making it past a company’s automated applicant tracking system. The first month is free, so you can give them a few months to use this tool. As a holiday gift, they’ll be able to optimize their resume before the surge of January applicants, which will increase their chances of landing an initial interview.

4. Online Education

Give the gift of an online education this holiday season. An online class is a great way for a job seeker to learn new skills to enhance their resume. New skills will help increase their chances of getting a new job. Send your family or friend a gift subscription to an online educational service like Lynda or Udemy, or give them a gift card to pay for a class or two. An online class can help them break into a new industry or learn new, in-demand skills (such as how to code or use Adobe Photoshop). Online education shows employers that they are actively improving their resume for 2017 job applications.

5. Professional Attire

What someone wears for a job interview shows their level of professionalism, respect for the company, and maybe even an element of their personality. It’s an opportunity to make that first great impression and increase their chances of getting hired. Unfortunately, business attire can often be expensive, even during the holiday sale season. Items to consider include: a suit, a tie, slacks, a collared shirt, dress shoes, a sweater, a shift dress or pencil skirt, or a blazer. Gap and J.Crew are great stores for finding professional attire. Worried about size or getting the right item for your family member or friend? If a gift receipt won’t do, a store gift card is another option.


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