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Most recruiters use LinkedIn to source and vet job candidates. Jobs are posted on LinkedIn. Networking happens around the clock on LinkedIn. If you’re not using LinkedIn as part of your job search and professional development strategy, you’re missing out on opportunities. Check out these articles for “how to LinkedIn.”

How to write a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn Profile Writing Guide – Simply setting up a LinkedIn account isn’t enough. Fill out your entire profile top-to-bottom. Need some direction? This guide walks you through all the most important sections.

10 Impactful LinkedIn Headline Examples from Real People – A default LinkedIn headline is a missed opportunity. Here are some reasons why your headline is important, tips on how to write a good one, and examples from real LinkedIn users.

How to Write a LinkedIn Summary: Examples and Tips – The summary section gives you a ton of room to tell your story, sell your ideas, and strengthen your profile. If you’re not sure what to write about, this article lays out a few approaches and provides more real examples of effective LinkedIn summaries.

How to Add Special Characters to Your LinkedIn Profile (and Why You Shouldn’t!) – Have you seen people using special characters on their profile and are wondering how to get that same look? Here’s how to do it, and how to do it without looking completely unprofessional.

Jobscan LinkedIn Optimization: A Complete Guide – Jobscan’s LinkedIn Optimization tool can help you fill out your profile and attract more recruiters. This guide walks you through the process.

LinkedIn optimization for your headline

How to find a job on LinkedIn

5 Different Ways to Job Search on LinkedIn – The job board is only one of the ways to look for a job on LinkedIn. Check out how to leverage these additional methods in your job search.

The Only Way Recruiters Will Find You on LinkedIn – Attracting recruiters is a great way to expedite your job search. This article walks you through how LinkedIn Recruiter search actually works and how to improve your chances of being found.

How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job: A Great Profile Is Not Enough – You’ve got a great profile. Now what? Guest author Bob McIntosh explains how to get the most of your profile by building and interacting with your network.



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