One of the most strategic ways to find a new job is by harnessing the power of your professional network. Friends and former colleagues tend to be more enthusiastic about assisting you in your search, can share jobs they’ve heard about, forward your internally within their companies, and post about you with their own networks. 

The difficult part is, your LinkedIn network can’t help you if they don’t know you need their help. That’s where LinkedIn outreach messages and status updates come in handy. 

How do I write an outreach message on LinkedIn?

If you’ve never sent an outreach message on LinkedIn before, it could feel quite intimidating. At the end of the day, outreach is simply letting someone know who you are, what you have to offer, and providing them an opportunity to engage with you further. The key to great outreach on LinkedIn is keeping these messages simple, straightforward, and asking the right questions.

Asking the right questions means being strategic about the “ask” you include in your direct message. If you ask someone to give you a job, you’re very likely to be disappointed with the result. On the other hand, if you ask someone for information about a company, advice on applying for a job, or ask for a simple conversation to learn more, you’re more likely to hear a positive response that could lead to a beneficial relationship.

Outreach on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. Whether you have met the individual or not, as long as you lead with professionalism, respect, and kindness in your message, the worst thing that can happen is that you get no reply, or hear “no”. At the end of the day, those negatives are minor compared to the massive potential for your life and career. Be bold, be brave, and you never know how one quick LinkedIn direct message could change your life.

How do I write an “Open to Work” status update on LinkedIn?

In the same sense as outreach messages, don’t be afraid to share with your public network that you are searching for new opportunities in the form of a status update.

The basic formula for a status update of this nature is:

  1. Share that you are open to new opportunities.
  2. Provide any background information as to why (this is optional, could be helpful if you were part of a mass layoff situation or something similar).
  3. Share a few brief lines about what types of roles you are looking for and your most impressive skills.
  4. End with a “call to action”, inviting people to connect with you about opportunities in the comments or in your messages.
  5. Include relevant hashtags for your industry that can help expand the reach of your post.

These posts aren’t guaranteed to automatically find you a new job, but they can help alert your network that you are open to work. They might already have a new opportunity to share with you, or they could share your post with their own network to expand the number of people who see your message.

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LinkedIn direct message outreach templates

We’ve rounded up four examples of LinkedIn outreach message templates for a variety of situations to inspire you in your own efforts. Use these to guide you, but be sure to personalize your messages with your own personal information and personality.

  • When you were referred by a mutual connection

Hi Stacy, 

I was speaking with my friend John the other day about my interest in the open writing position with ABC Company. He spoke so highly of you and your work and suggested that I reach out to connect with you! 

I have 7 years of experience as a Copywriter for medical brands and would be so excited to join the ABC Company team. I’ve attached my resume below. If there’s any advice you could share with me regarding the application and interview process, I would be so grateful. 

Thanks in advance for your help,


  • When you want to learn more about their company before applying

Hi Marcus,

I noticed that we graduated a year apart from Florida State University! Go Noles! 

I wanted to reach out because I noticed that you work on the business development team for XYZ Company. I’ve been interested in the company for a while now and saw a recent opening, but was hoping to learn more about the culture of the team to make sure it’s a good fit before applying.

No worries if not, but would you be open to sharing your experience with me? 



  • When you want to connect with a recruiter about a certain opening

Hi Brooke, 

I saw your post about the Job Title Here open position you’re looking to fill and was very excited to learn more about it. I have 5 years of experience in the field and am actively seeking my next opportunity. 

I’ve attached my resume below for your review. Let me know if you have any availability to connect this week, or any other positions that you think might be a fit!



  • When there’s no opening for you yet, but you want to connect  

Hi Siddhartha, 

I wanted to reach out to introduce myself! I’m Fernando, a recent graduate from the University of Michigan’s MBA program seeking new opportunities. I’ve been a huge fan of ABC Company for many years now – I literally use the product every week at home. 

I know there aren’t any job postings listed for my field right now, but I was hoping to learn more about you and your team’s needs. Maybe in the future, our timing will line up. 

What do you think best prepared you for your role with ABC?

Thanks in advance for any advice you are able to offer!


LinkedIn status update templates

Here are four great examples of status updates people have used on LinkedIn to help them find new jobs. Use these as templates to encourage and inspire your own LinkedIn status update. Remember, one status alone won’t always result in a job on its own, but can be a great stepping stone to learning about new opportunities to apply for.

  • When you want to let your network know you are open to new opportunities:

Hello! Are you seeking innovative solutions to build your brand or team? I’d love to help you create disruptive strategies to fuel growth.

My experience lies at the intersection of customer experience, brand/ product strategy, and team development. I’m primarily seeking contract or consulting work for the next few months, but would never rule out that perfect full-time opportunity that allows me to help grow brands or leaders in the outdoor industry. Let’s connect! #OpenToWork

  • When you want to make a career change:

After 10 fantastic years in sales, I am excited to announce that I am shifting my career focus to recruiting! 

I’m excited to bring these skills from the sales world into my next role in recruiting:

  • Excellent People Skills: Both sales and recruiting require networking, communication, and pitching, all of which I’ve mastered in my career.
  • Team Management: I have experience leading teams of 5 – 15 members.
  • Data Tracking: Spreadsheets are my best friend, and data analysis is my secret weapon when understanding the best potential candidates in sales and recruiting.

If you have an opportunity in recruiting, I’d love to have a conversation about my history and skills to bring to the table. Send me a message and let’s connect!

  • When you’ve graduated from university or a qualifying education program:

After 6 months of focus, 280 hours of hands-on training, and 3 intensive classes, I’m very excited to share that I have earned 2 GIAC certifications and graduated from the XYZ Cybersecurity Program.

When I joined the program, I had already been excited about learning cybersecurity on my own for over a year, but after this program, I feel fully trained and equipped to support clients in developing a cohesive cybersecurity defense system. 

On that note, I am officially #OpentoWork and seeking both remote roles and those based in Charleston, SC. I look forward to connecting with you in the comments section below or in my inbox about any opportunities.

#CyberTalent #Cybersecurity #CyberTraining #CyberSecurityJobs #GetHired

  • When your company had to let you go or closes down:

Today I received the incredibly sad news that I, along with a large group of my amazing coworkers, have been laid off as part of a 13% company-wide headcount reduction, effective immediately.

Over the last 6 months at XYZ Company, I’m proud to have successfully built their first early-career Software Engineering program and increased the diversity pipeline of early-career talent by 400%. One of my favorite sayings is “go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.” I’m excited to bring my ingenuity and energy for problem-solving to my next opportunity. As my prior colleagues could attest, I thrive in fast-paced environments and can tackle all that comes my way.

While my background is in the People space, I’m open to any opportunity to apply my skillset and hope you will keep me in mind for any openings!

#career #people #diversity #opentowork #fintech #startup #layoff

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