Quitting a job can happen for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it’s simply a natural career progression that requires moving on to a new company, but other times something so wild happens that it leaves employees desperate to resign immediately.

In the spirit of Halloween, we decided to get to the bottom of the true office horror stories that forced people to quit. We asked our followers on TikTok, “What was the last straw that made you quit your job?” – and they had us on the edge of our seats with their responses.

From icky creature encounters to insane bosses to scenes straight from a scary movie, here are 13 job horror stories from real people.

  1. Serpent Surprise

“When they put a black snake on my desk.”

– chrissyatcreations

We’d be slithering straight out of that office, too! Talk about a spooky story. 

  1. A Queasy Write-up

TikTok user tis4terri shares her heinous tale of getting an inappropriate black mark on her record card due to calling out sick from work. The twist? She was ill from pregnancy-related morning sickness. Yikes!

  1. Meat Cleaver Madness

“Being robbed at gun and meat cleaver point, with no protection whatsoever and being told by my manager, ‘what a shame, we’ll lose some customers’.”

– sweet.as.pins.

Waiting for this workplace wreck to be turned into a horror film like…

  1. The Audacious “Raise”

Sometimes the creepiest CEOs are the ones who don’t value or compensate their employees appropriately. TikTok user complexanxiety shares their last straw story…you’ll never guess what their “raise” was.

  1. Hole-y Cow

“An employer punching holes in the wall of my office.”

– fmr_quiet_australian

Office violence is definitely a reason for immediate resignation from the position.  

  1. Toxic Tricks

“My toxic supervisor would gaslight me. She wanted me to fire an employee but wanted it to seem like it was my idea.”

– solarxox

There’s no treat, only tricks when it comes to a toxic manager. You shouldn’t fear being manipulated by your boss or coworkers.

  1. Stroke Strike Out

When a boss’ first question after a medical emergency is about when someone is coming back to work…there’s going to be a problem. TikTok user justamom19772 shares her heartbreaking story.


  1. Risky Business

“During the pandemic my old boss made us work from home without paying us while we were all collecting unemployment.”

– alexandrak273

Illegal activities? Sounds like a good time to move on to a new job. 

  1. The Off-Limits Funeral

“When a co-worker suddenly passed away and we were told we weren’t allowed to attend their funeral because we’d be understaffed.”

– kiana.com.au

Lack of compassion from management was a common theme from all 200+ TikTok submissions.

  1. This Could’ve Been an Email

Sometimes it’s the little things that build up over time into a “get me out of here” moment. TikTok user jenknee25 gives us the scoop on the relatable sound that pushed her over the edge.



  1. Hurricane NOPE

“I resigned from a good-paying job after 8 years of the owner being toxic. The last straw was he belittled me in an office meeting for my questionable job performance…during a hurricane. I had no WiFi connection and I couldn’t work from the hotel I had evacuated to. The next day I gave my 2 weeks.”

– lucyme…123

Not sure if this CEO thinks his employees are cyborgs or witches able to control Mother Nature, but either way, it’s an, “I quit!” from us. 

  1.  Sketchy Substances

“When I found out I was being singled out to be fired because I wouldn’t do hard drugs with them & they were scared I would call HR.”

– imonlynicole_ 

Talk about a twisted tale! Sounds like you can only go up from there. 

  1.  Callous CEO

The thirst for blood…or a quick buck is strong. Unfortunately, human empathy and decency can’t be taught in a work environment. Way to get out of there and stand up for what’s right, TikTok user, dougie_fox!


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