James Hu on the CareerCloud podcast.

“Jobscan started from my own personal need,” Jobscan Founder and CEO James Hu told Career Cloud Radio host Justin Dux. “I was a job seeker myself. The problem with looking for a job is the black hole. You submit a resume and you don’t hear back. So we want Jobscan to be the answer to that black hole.”

James appeared on the podcast to discuss the ways Jobscan is arming job seekers against the outdated and ineffective applicant tracking systems that stand in their way. Here’s an excerpt from early in the conversation:

Justin Dux: After using [Jobscan], what do you think are some of the first things job seekers start to learn about their resume?

James Hu: Looking for a job is very much, most people see a job listing and they read the description and they say, ‘Hey, that’s totally me!’ They get really excited about it and they submit their resume without going through a detailed check like we do at Jobscan. So, a lot of times we get feedback from job seekers that this is an eye opener. They didn’t know they were missing these key skills and keywords from their resume even though they’ve done the same thing over and over again. […]

Justin Dux: That’s actually the experience I had with Jobscan as well. I put in a resume that I had been sending out to jobs for a few months and I really worked on that resume heavily about 6-9 months earlier, and I was stunned when my first feedback score was 38% matched. This position, exactly like you said, I felt like I was a really great match for. And so during that evening I made tweaks to the resume and scanned it over and over again to improve that score up to 80%, and that’s what I was happy to get it up to. But I was shocked by the subtle differences.

Listen to the full episode at CareerCloud Radio.

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