blogs to read for recent graduate jobseekers.

New Graduate? These 3 Blogs Will Help You Find a Job

It’s graduation season, which means countless college seniors are thinking about the clever things they could write on the top of their mortarboards. Perhaps they’re also thinking about details such as how they’re going to find a job—and excel at it once they do.

If you’re among the recent or soon-to-be graduates, congratulations on the milestone! To help you prepare for the next one—your first job—here a few blogs you should peruse.

You’ve probably already noticed that there are countless sites out there targeted at the college student/millennial/young professional crowd, but it’s easy to see that many of them miss the mark. These three blogs are worth your time:

1. Corn on the Job

As an unabashed fan of terrible puns, I have to admit this blog first caught my attention because of its name. But it didn’t take long to see that it’s really a valuable resource.

The blog was created by Rich DeMatteo, who has both agency and corporate recruiting experience. That means he knows what it’s like to try to find a job for an individual, and what it’s like to try to find the right individual for a specific job.

As you might have guessed from the blog title, some of the topics and advice are a little off the beaten path. If that might suit you, check it out.

Three key posts:

2. My Career Advisor

While this blog is written by several staff members at the American University Career Center, you don’t have to be an AU student or alum—or even live anywhere near Washington, D.C.—in order to benefit from this blog.

The posts are straightforward, and packed with actionable advice. There’s no fluff or clickbait here—just practical advice that you can use right away.

The tag cloud makes it easy to find posts on the topics that interest you most: internships, entrepreneurship, federal jobs, social media, and more.

Three key posts:

3. Position Ignition

Behind this blog is a career consulting company. They work with both individuals and corporate clients (including Etsy, Motorola, and other household names). Based in the UK, their advice is practical and useful for people anywhere in the world. They publish frequently—and thoughtfully.

The blog will still come in handy even after you find a job. It covers a range of workplace topics, many of which wouldn’t be obvious to someone who hasn’t spent much—or any—time in a professional setting.

Three key posts:

Spend some time reading these blogs and you’ll come away more informed and better prepared for  your job search—and prepared to succeed on the job.

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