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Job searching isn’t just about responding to job postings or attending networking events. Recruiters are looking online for the perfect people to fill vacant jobs– people that may or may not be job searching for openings that might not be posted publicly. Most recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates, who in turn can use the LinkedIn Note to Recruiters feature to discreetly signal their availability and interests.

How to find Note to Recruiters on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn Note to Recruiters feature is found under the Career Interests section of your LinkedIn profile.

After you’ve written your LinkedIn profile content and optimized it for recruiter search, the next step is to head to the Career Interests section.

The Career Interests section is on your private Dashboard between your Introduction Card (photo, name, summary, et al.) and either your Articles & Activity (if you are active on LinkedIn) or your Experience sections.

The Note to Recruiters is found in the Career Interests sections, which is part of your profile dashboard.

The Note to Recruiters feature is hidden when you first enter the Career Interests section. To enable it, you must turn on the “Let recruiters know you’re open” option.

Let recruiters know you're open to reveal Note to Recruiters

Once this switch is turned from off to on, the Note to Recruiters will be available.

The Note to Recruiters LinkedIn box.

Be sure to fill out the entire Career Interests section, not just the Note to Recruiters.

How do recruiters see the LinkedIn Note to Recruiters?

LinkedIn offers a product to hiring companies and individual recruiters called LinkedIn Recruiter. The information you share in the Career Interests section can be found in LinkedIn Recruiter search results.

When you fill out the Career Interests section your profile gets a badge that says “Open to new opportunities” within the search results. Recruiters hover over this badge to see an introductory statement that is your Note to Recruiters.

Note to recruiters

What to write in the Note to Recruiters box on LinkedIn

Your Note to Recruiters can only be 300 characters long. This isn’t the best place to summarize your experience or make a sales pitch– that’s what your LinkedIn summary and profile are for. Use the Note to Recruiters to share things that aren’t obvious based on your profile.

Note to Recruiters examples include:

  • Specialization changes and interests – “No longer interested in sales,” “Want to focus more on B2B instead of B2C,” “Looking for opportunity to lead a team,” “Ready to transfer my skills into the tech space”
  • Deal breakers – “Series A startups only,” “Downtown only,” “Not interested in Amazon jobs,” “Only interested in senior management or director-level opportunities”
  • Potential Hurdles – “Not relocating until next April,” “Office must have an elevator”

Don’t overthink it. This short section is unlikely to make or break your chances of getting an interview. A recruiter won’t be wowed by accomplishments, skill lists, or accolades jammed into this section. This is more about helping them send better matches and making the most of everyone’s time. Recruiters are excited to work with someone they know how to place.

Wow them instead with a LinkedIn profile optimized for the types of jobs you are most interest in. Check out Jobscan’s LinkedIn Optimization tool for custom tips and insights.

Get recruiters to find you before they see your note to recruiters.
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