Gain knowledge and stay motivated with job search podcasts.

We are in the age of job seeking. The days of staying with one company for 20 years are long gone, and it’s time to get smart about the job search. If you’re looking for a new job, podcasts are a great way to gain knowledge and stay motivated.

If you’re among the 51% of employees in the US currently considering a job change,  you can easily listen to podcasts during your commute or when you have some downtime. We’ve narrowed them down to five of our favorite job hunting podcasts to help you find a few favorites.

1. The Voice of Job Seekers

This podcast is a one stop shop for pretty much anyone who doesn’t love their job. The host of The Voice of Job Seekers, Mark Anthony Dyson, is a career counselor and writer. He believes strongly in motivating job seekers and keeping them strong in their search.

Dyson describes the podcast as “my opportunity to help unemployed, underemployed, and underappreciated job seekers remain informed, educated, and empowered during their job search”. Listeners will hear from career experts on topics ranging from career innovation to writing the best cover letter.

2. Happen to Your Career

The minds behind Happen to Your Career believe that everyone should feel the way they thought they would about their career when they were 7 years old: excited. This podcast is about empowering the unhappy worker and helping them make changes toward a passionate career.

Scott Anthony Barlow interviews a new empowered career person each episode and asks them questions about the steps they took to get to where they are now.

3. CareerCloud

CareerCloud has more than 2,500 new downloads daily, and for good reason. Listeners will hear from recruiters, other job seekers, resume writers, and more about the fundamentals of job searching, hosted by Chris Russell.

This podcast is particularly beneficial to job seekers who are just starting out or who feel stuck in their search. Episodes cover topics like “The Golden Resume,” “How to Overcome Being Overqualified,” “How do you Prepare Yourself for The Job Market,” and more.

4. Accidental Creative

Accidental Creative offers inspiration to the creative job seeker. Are you looking for a career in graphic design, writing, art, or philosophy? The topics covered in this podcast, like “Real Artists Don’t Starve,” “The Two Places That Creative Pros Get Stuck,” and “Emulate Your Superheroes” knock down all the myths about the phrase “successful creative” being an oxymoron.

Host Todd Henry has one of those calm, smart voices that is ideal for podcasts. He also chooses highly interesting experts and authors for interviews that will help you feel motivated and capable after the very first episode.

5. CareerJoy

CareerJoy does exactly what you think it does: helps listeners find joy in their careers. The varying episode topics bring to light the importance of finding a career you love but also making your current career into something you love if possible.

Listeners will learn all about work/life balance, the difference between hard and soft skills on your resume, getting promoted as an introvert, and more. This podcast is perfect for job seekers as well as people wanting to make the most of their current job.

While each person’s path is different, most everyone’s career will include a couple of job searches along the way. When the time comes, learn the basics of the job search from experts and stay motivated by listening to the top job search podcasts.

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