Interviews make a lot of people nervous. Luckily, there are a number of interview apps that can help prepare you for your big day. Here, we’ll a couple of our favorites. Interviews


3 out 4 stars

Overview: Interviews, available for iPhone and iPad, guides you through the interview process with expert advice, reminders about the interview, and a guide that helps you to follow up successfully after interviews.

Pros: A few of the best features include suggestions about how to research companies you’re interviewing with, likely interview questions, and brain exercises for interview prep.

Cons: Some users complain of a bug that crashes the app. If these bugs were fixed, the app would be flawless, according to users


Charlie App

Free, with upgraded featuring ranging from $4.99 to $19.99

4 out of 4 stars

Overview: When going into interviews, you want to have information on the company and the employers you’re meeting with so you know how to impress them. Charlie App searches hundreds of sources on the company and your hiring committee, and then sends you a one-page summary to review.

Pros: The app finds individuals’ and companies’ hobbies, talking points, and passions on social media. It also searches for life achievements and newsworthy moments. You’ll have plenty of things to talk about, related specifically to the company.

Cons: If the company or individual isn’t active on social media or in the news, the Charlie app doesn’t have sources from which to draw information. This means you could be left without much reliable data.

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