How to get a job as a software engineer.

What Do Companies Look For in a Software Engineer? IT Recruiter Insights

By the latest estimates, there are currently over 21 million developers in the world. Yet, 62% of them are open to new job opportunities with another 13% actively looking for a job, according to the annual StackOverflow survey. What’s more, the interview process and writing/updating a CV top the list of challenges software developers find […]

Desperation in your job interview

How Desperation Hurts You in a Job Interview

Job hunting can be downright demoralizing. You send out resume after resume without getting anything in return. Why didn’t the hiring manager like what they saw? Did they even see it? After sending so many resumes into the void, even a rejection email can become a welcome acknowledgment. It’s natural for desperation to seep in […]

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How to Stand Out from the Competition in a Job Interview

  Unfortunately, the job market at the start of the new year is extremely competitive, and employers are often overwhelmed with job applications. The whole process can take more than several months to complete, which means it might be a while before an interview is scheduled. During this suspenseful limbo period, brush up on how to […]

Facebook Software Engineer

12 Resume and Interview Tips from a Facebook Software Engineer

Ever wonder what it’s like to interview for a software developer position with Facebook, Google, Amazon or Microsoft? Working for one of these companies, often called the “Big Four”, would be a dream come true for many people, but we found a guy who made that dream a reality in a huge way. Our anonymous […]

interview apps

Prep with These Top Job Interview Apps

Interviews make a lot of people nervous. Luckily, there are a number of interview apps that can help prepare you for your big day. Here, we’ll a couple of our favorites. Interviews Free 3 out 4 stars Overview: Interviews, available for iPhone and iPad, guides you through the interview process with expert […]

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How Can I Optimize My Resume Without Exaggerating My Experience?

Keywords Count and Keeping it Real, Resume Optimization Without Dishonesty   According to the Wall Street Journal, most recruiters say that over half of job seekers are under qualified for the positions they are interested in. Even if you’re one of the qualified applicants, it’s still easy to get lost in the shuffle of ATS […]

How to Ace Personality Questions in an Interview

What Those Weird Questions Are Really All About Job interviews are almost always stressful, but your anxiety can rocket to never-before-seen levels when you don’t know the right answer to a question. That’s often the case with personality questions and psychological testing, because you don’t know what the interviewer is looking for. Sure, you can […]

10 Common Behavioral Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Hint: It Starts Way Before You Get to the Interview One cliché we’ve all heard is that past behavior predicts future behavior. That may or may not be psychologically sound, but it is the theory behind behavioral interview questions. Many recruiters believe that the best way to gain insight into how you’d handle certain situations […]


Top 10 Interview Tips and Tricks

Interviews are among the most stressful parts of hunting for a new job. Depending on the job, interviews can take twenty minutes or span several days with multiple interviewers and an intensive screening process. Preparing for an interview is a big part of the job hunting process. Someone can think they have everything covered, only […]