Hidden skills for your targeted resume

The Hidden Skills Missing From Your Targeted Resume

Using the same resume to spam open jobs is a great way to rack up rejections. A better approach is to craft a targeted resume based on the specific skills requested in the job description. Unfortunately, the targeted resume approach relies on a job description that provides actual guidance through a comprehensive list of skills […]

Jobscan vs. Word Cloud Tools.

7 Reasons Jobscan is More Effective than Word Cloud Tools

Whenever you upload your resume through an online job application, you’re at the mercy of an applicant tracking system, or ATS. These systems are used by most hiring companies to manage and filter applicants like you, and many of these systems rely on keyword matching to reject or highlight candidates via their ranking and search […]

default jobscan

How One Job Seeker’s Secret to Success Can Be Yours, Too

The rise of applicant tracking systems (ATS), the recruiting software used by 90 percent of businesses to filter and rank resumes, may be helping employers—but it isn’t necessarily helping job seekers. The idea behind applicant tracking systems is to help hiring managers select the best applicants from the applicant pool by highlighting the best resumes—and even […]