startup ready

Are You Startup Ready?

So you’re taking the plunge! Jumping into the large and varied pool of early-stage startups, that is. Congratulations. Deciding to gun for a startup job can be a big decision but often the risk is worth the reward. It could be a fat pay out and awesome years of experience when the company sells, or […]

job interview settings

How to Accord Yourself in Job Interview Settings

At astronaut job interviews, the hopeful applicant has to sit in a centrifugal simulator that spins them up to nine Gs. Fortunately, most people only have to deal with offices or coffee shops. Every interview setting requires a different approach, but the key is to appear unaffected by the surroundings. Think of what Damone said […]


The Truth About Job Searching

Looking for a job is something everyone does at one time or another. Whether you conduct only one or two job searches throughout your career, or several, it’s always tricky to know where to start. Once you know where to start, the rest is about committing to a productive search until you land the job. […]


How to Avoid the Holiday Job Search Slump

If you’re in a job search slump this month, you might think that a Q4 job search would be a wash. In fact, the opposite is true. Holidays and job searching go together, hand in glove. Fewer people are applying during the holidays, giving hiring managers fewer resumes to sort. Additionally, all that holiday cheer – and […]

fall job search strategies 2016

Top Job Search Strategies for Fall 2016

  In the last quarter of the year, employers are finished with their summer holidays and start hiring more employees to meet year-end objectives. So, in preparation for your fall job search, here’s what you need to know to be the most productive. Fall is the best season for hiring Mid-August through October are the […]

back to work

Back to Work: Turn Over a New Leaf

Something about the temperature dropping, leaves changing and backpacks bobbing up and down outside our windows makes us reminiscent for the start of school. While most of us haven’t had a first day of school in years (let’s not admit how many), the nostalgia remains strong. Why not harness that first-day-of-school feeling and use it […]

Top 50 Resume Verbs to Enhance Your Resume

Hiring managers see a lot of the same resume verbs over and over again. While including action words is a good place to start in crafting a compelling resume, certain verbs are more specific and visual than others. They help your resume to stand out. To get started, read up on the best ways to […]

best job search websites

Top 8 Best Job Search Websites of 2016

Some job search sites can make finding the jobs best suited to you simple. Others, like those that give you job search advice, can help you fill in the gaps that you’re missing in your application package. Here, we’ll review eight of what we think are the best job search websites of 2016. Careerealism Careerealism […]

resume tool

How to Select the Right Resume Tool

There are a lot of tools available that promise to improve your resume. But when you’re applying for jobs, time is at a premium. You can’t spend time wading through every resume tool under the sun. Here, we’ll talk about the major differences between resume tools so you can choose the one that works for […]

resume review

4 Resources to Boost Your Resume Review

Job interview statistics are scary. Only about 2% of applicants to jobs actually get interviews. That means you want to secure your seat at that interviewing table by submitting a resume that gets past Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), or virtual systems that scan to see that your resume keywords match the ones requested on the […]