Free Google Docs Resume Templates for Drive.

4 Sources of Free Google Docs Resume Templates

If you’re one of the many people that has become accustomed to using Google Docs rather than a traditional word processor through school, work, or personal projects, you can extend its use into your job search with these free Google Docs resume templates. Google Docs Resume Templates from Google Drive The first place to start […]

Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates to Download

500 Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates

Looking for a standout resume template compatible with Microsoft Word? Below are four sources offering quality Microsoft Word resume templates that are totally free and easy to download. These sites have over 500 Word resume templates between them. (If you don’t have Microsoft Word, check out these Google Docs resume templates.) Microsoft Word Resume Templates […]

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4 Resources to Boost Your Resume Review

Job interview statistics are scary. Only about 2% of applicants to jobs actually get interviews. That means you want to secure your seat at that interviewing table by submitting a resume that gets past Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), or virtual systems that scan to see that your resume keywords match the ones requested on the […]

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Job Fair Resume Tips and Resume Templates

Spring is prime job fair season at colleges and universities, and February kicks it off. Whether you are graduating soon and starting to look for your first job out of school, or searching for a summer internship, attending your school’s job fair is a good move. If you’re a recent graduate and still job-hunting, contact […]

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The Resume Template Trend You Should Avoid

There are numerous reasons to use a resume template, but if you go that route, it’s important choose a template carefully. It’s common for templates to be loaded with unnecessary elements and features, such as photos and graphics. And today we’re talking about one particular resume template feature you should avoid: skills ratings. Unlike a typical […]

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4 Minimalist Resume Templates

When searching through resume templates, it can be hard to find ones that aren’t cluttered with multiple colors, graphics, photos, skill rankings, and other unnecessary elements. Your resume is your chance to market yourself and your experience. The last thing you want is a design that distracts from what’s most important: the content. Use Etsy to Find […]

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What You Should Know Before Using a Resume Template

For many people, particularly those without design experience or expertise with word processing programs, using a resume template is a reliable way to create a quality resume. Further, working from a template can be much more efficient than starting from scratch. If you’re interested in using a resume template, you’ll have seemingly countless options available in […]

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Resume Templates to Highlight Your Accomplishments

The ideal resume format is easy to read and visually appealing; if you aren’t a graphic designer, resume templates might be your best option for creating an ideal resume. There are countless resume templates available online, varying in cost—and quality. One feature you should look for when choosing a resume template is a space to highlight your […]

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Using Resume Templates When Changing Careers

There are countless resume templates available online, but job seekers who are looking to switch to a new career field should focus on functional resume templates. Chronological resumes are more traditional, but are less effective at selling a job candidate’s particular skill set. A functional resume, on the other hand, highlights an applicant’s core competencies […]