While the summer heat hasn’t quite let up as August is coming to a close, there is a sure sign of fall on the horizon: students heading back to school.

Educational professions are a common vocational choice in my family. From college professors to elementary school teachers, I am surrounded by incredible passion for learning and instructing. Thus, readers who share in the desire to educate, I salute you with the utmost respect! However, all the zeal and motivation in the world aren’t going to help if you don’t know where to look for education jobs—so check out these top blogs as part of your career lesson planning.

1. Teach.com. Education is an extremely complex art. As such it’s fitting that Teach.com offers information and help on a multitude of subjects within the broader teaching profession. (The site is linked to USC, so you’ll see lots of ads for their graduate programs, but its content is worth the plugs.)

The most notable feature of the site itself isn’t a specific education jobs search engine, but rather the “Get Your Teaching Job” section. This portion of Teach.com clearly articulates the different components of a successful search for K-12 positions, and offers links to 15 education-specific job databases such as Teachers-Teachers!

As for the blog, it averages three to four posts per month and sports several different types of articles: Q&As, feature pieces on specific educators, educational conference (such as SXSWEdu) wrap-ups, and recommended tech resources.

Three key posts:

2. Vitae. Vitae is an extremely comprehensive collection of resources solely for higher education professionals. You can use the basic job search function without creating a (free) account, but signing up does offer some nice benefits, including saved job searches.

The “Get News & Advice” section of Vitae’s site is authored by a wide variety of writers, and contains incredibly diverse content. From forum discussions about what to do on the first day of class to advice regarding department politics, the blog is both informative and entertaining. (And frequently updated!)

Three key posts:

3. SchoolSpring. SchoolSpring doesn’t actually have a separate blog, but I’m making a curriculum choice and including it here anyway. Instead of limiting its education jobs to either K-12 or higher education positions, it includes every grade level from preschool to post-secondary.

Significantly, this resource also produces results for administrator jobs in addition to the array of teaching positions. A good administrative team works with teachers to create positive school climates and environments with professional development, so it’s important to get quality candidates (like you, if you’re looking in that sector of the profession) in those jobs!

Three key tools:

Once you have your target jobs lined up, head over to Jobscan and make sure that your resume aligns with the specific job openings you’ve decided to pursue. Educators need reliable resources throughout their careers, and we want to provide one for you!

Extra Credit: If you’re a K-12 professional, be sure to check out Edmodo once you’ve secured that fantastic education job. A free tool featuring classroom management resources, the capability to share assignments with students, and a frequently updated blog, Edmodo helps teachers stay organized.

Class dismissed!

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