Github has a lot of functions: you can write code, share your code, and collaborate with others on DevOps projects. But did you know that Github can also be a tool you can use to find your next position? Github is used by recruiters and managers hiring for high-level IT jobsto see what you can do. Here are a few reasons you should be using Github to sell yourself and your skills.

Recruiters and hiring managers have made scanning Github part of their standard procedure

Technology recruiters consistently review candidates’ profiles on Github. Sometimes, they might peruse your profile if you’re being heavily considered for a position. Other times, they use it to find professionals with a particular set of skills. Still other recruiters respond to candidates who have reached out to their tech teams or demonstrated interest in projects that were similar to projects their teams had on the docket.

You can use it to demonstrate the range of your abilities

A strong profile can attract attention from companies that seek out employees with your skill set. If your profile is JavaScript heavy, for example, you’re communicating to potential employers that this is the area where you want to focus your attention.

To use Github to your full advantage, tweak your profile to make sure it demonstrates that you are an engineer who can provide complete functionality to a potential team – rather than someone who is just a programmer. A good way to do this is by creating a thoughtful readme file demonstrating how you think about and solve problems with your coding.

It can help you find a company that fits your interests

Github can give you more information about teams that might be good fits for you, too. You can look to see what companies are working on projects that interest you, and follow team members who are working on exciting side projects. Then you can have a better sense if a company you admire would be a good fit for you.

But Github isn’t all you should be using to land your dream job…

Github is only one tool in what should be a complex tool belt for self-promotion. First, make sure you’re using theresume conventions that best highlight your accomplishments. Next, write a resume that makes youattractive to fill new jobs in engineering. After you’re happy with your resume, run it through Jobscan.Jobscan helps you optimize your resume by ensuring a job posting’s keywords match the words you’re using on your resume. As a developer is especially important to have your technical skills readable to ATS algorithms.




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