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Jobscan Learning Series

How To

Part 1: How to Find a Job
Jobscan's Step-by-Step Guide to Finding and Landing a Job
Part 2: How to Write a Cover Letter
Jobscan’s Step-by-Step Guide for Writing an Effective Cover Letter
Part 3: How to Write a Resume
Jobscan’s Step-by-Step Guide for Writing a Resume
Part 4: How to Prepare for a Job Interview
Jobscan’s Step-by-Step Guide to Job Interview Preparation


Part 1: Resume Writing Guide
Jobscan's Guide to Resume Writing to get you Past Computer Screeners
Part 2: Resume Formats
Jobscan's Guide to Resume Formats
Part 3: Resume Templates
Jobscan's Guide to Resume Templates
Part 4: Resume Examples
Jobscan's Guide to Resume Examples, How to Use Them Effectively and Which One is Right For You

Cover Letter

Part 1: Cover Letter Writing Guide
Jobscan’s Guide to Writing an Effective Cover Letter
Part 2: Cover Letter Formats
Formatting a cover letter can be frustrating but Jobscan walks you through cover letter formats from A to Z in this complete guide.
Part 3: Cover Letter Templates
Cover letter templates are a great starting point for writing your cover letter, here is our advice on how to choose and use cover letter templates.
Part 4: Cover Letter Examples
Cover letter examples can be helpful or confusing to a job seeker. Here is Jobscan's top advice on using the best cover letter examples.


Part 1: LinkedIn Profile Writing Guide
Jobscan's Guide to LinkedIn Profile Writing to get you the best profile page

Video Series

Part 1: Tutorial Series Watch Now
Jobscan's Mutlimedia center explaining Jobscan features and walk-throughs of our site


Part 1: Jobscan Coach Tutorial
Our guide to Jobscan Coach, a platform that allows employment specialists to manage their career coaching and optimize their clients' resumes through Jobscan.

Jobscan Resources

Applicant Tracking Systems

Jobscan's Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems and How to Optimize Your Resume for Them

Tags: ATS intermediate

Jobscan Tutorial

Jobscan Tutorial - Step by Step Guide to Using Jobscan

Tags: help