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Jobscan Video Series

Getting started with Jobscan? Here is a quick video showing you how to begin optimizing your resume to beat applicant tracking systems and get hired faster.

The Jobscan resume Match Report is full of critical information about your resume and how it relates to ATS. This video offers a thorough walkthrough of each Match Report section, including resume optimization features you might have missed, where to spend the majority of your time, and more.

If you're unsure of what you're getting with Jobscan Premium, this video shows you four top premium features and how they can take your job search to another level.

Whether you're using LinkedIn to attract recruiters or supplement your resume in your job search, your profile will only make an impact if it's tailored to the jobs you want.

Improving your Match Rate has never been easier. With Power Edit, insert curated skills and make formatting edits straight to your resume. Watch your score go up in real-time then export your new resume file when you're done.

It's not just about matching top resume skills. There are dozens of applicant tracking systems and they all work a little bit differently. Be proactive and make the perfect resume for the specific applicant tracking system a company is using by trying Jobscan's ATS Tip feature.

Typing a job title into Indeed isn't the most effective way to search for new job opportunities. Learn how to use the Job Recommendations and Job Matcher tools to find jobs that match your skills.

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