This extensive article lists some of the best career podcasts that will help you find a new job, grow your career, switch careers, and achieve a work-life balance.

Table of Contents Career Advice and Job Search Podcasts

Podcasts are also useful for career guidance, whether you are looking for pieces of advice regarding switching careers, vying for a promotion, landing your dream job, or even starting a side hustle.

The only thing you need to do is switch on your headphones and enjoy listening to these job search and career advice podcasts now. Below are some of the career benefits you can get while listening to one.

5 Advantages of Listening to Podcasts for Your Career

A Podcaster on a Mic-Podcast

1. Professional and Personal Growth

If you want to advance your career and grow personally, listening to a career podcast can undoubtedly help you. You will know how to set a clear goal for your job, build your profile, how to upgrade your skills and abilities, and many more. 

2. Staying Updated

Podcasts will keep you stay up-to-date with the latest trends about careers. Some podcasts will help you hone your skills and abilities and the latest news in specific industries you might be interested in. Some career podcasts also cover light topics that will lift your spirits up and even give you a good laugh. Surely podcasts will provide you with the best entertainment for just about anything and whatnots.

3. Get Inspired

There are so many inspirational stories of other job seekers that you can learn from listening to podcasts. It might be about chasing your goals and dreams, helping you out of that stressful job, career development, how to overcome differences, how to manage stress, handling terrible bosses, and many more.

4. Cost-Effective

Whether you are driving, walking, commuting, doing household chores, or even during your workout sessions, listening to a podcast is a sure way to pass the time. It lets you lose yourself in enriching conversations.  It is just like hitting multiple birds with one stone, mainly when you listen to podcasts. 

5. Gain Knowledge by Listening (Stories & Experiences of Strangers)

You can learn by listening to podcast hosts’ and guests’ diverse experiences in their careers as they share their stories, challenges, and overcoming the trials along the way. It just hits differently listening to the first-hand experiences of individuals on these best career podcasts. You can learn new things and tips in your current career that you might not have heard about before, and also, this might even help you venture out to new opportunities that you are eyeing for quite a while now.  It is quite challenging to choose the best podcasts you would first listen to help during your job search or with your career.  Our objective with this article is to help you navigate the career podcasts, so you do not have to spend hours and hours choosing the podcasts for you. We have compiled a list of the best career podcasts for your convenience. 

26 Career Podcasts to Inspire and Guide Job Seekers

Here are some of the best job search podcasts that you can listen to. Most of them are intended to guide job seekers on all the twists and turns that one can encounter during their job hunting journey.

Some of these job search podcasts share stories and experiences that will inspire and uplift job seekers’ spirits. 

1. The Voice of Job Seekers

The Voice of Job Seekers Podcast

The Voice of Job Seekers is hosted by Mark Anthony Dyson, an industry veteran. In this podcast, he talks about career trends and practices, like STEM careers, and many enriching topics to guide unemployed and underappreciated job seekers. This podcast also shares advice on how to improve resumes, cover letters, job interview preparation, job search innovation, and other essential things in the job seekers’ world.  

  • Host/Producer — Mark Anthony Dyson.
  • Podcast Format — Interview-styles episodes.
  • Average Podcast Episode Duration — 60 minutes.
  • Total Number of Episodes — 49 episodes (as of January 31, 2021).
  • Frequency — Weekly.

2. Find Your Dream Job

Find Your Dream Job Podcast

Find Your Dream Job podcast is hosted by Mac Prichard from Mac’s List. The host guides you in your journey in job searching. Together with his guest speakers, they tackle different job search topics, job interview tips. Mac Prichard also uncovers new career avenues for the unemployed, successful career change, and many more.

  • Host/Producer — Mac Prichard.
  • Podcast Format — Interview-style episodes.
  • Average Podcast Episode Duration — 30 Minutes.
  • Total Number of Episodes — 353 episodes (as of January 31, 2021).
  • Frequency — Weekly.

3. Career Warrior Podcast

Career Warrior Podcast

Career Warrior podcast offers insider recruitment tips that every job seeker should know. The podcast provides insights into what they are looking for in a candidate, how they examine your resume, the essential skills they are usually looking for, and many more. The podcast invite career coaches, career experts, and professionals to share their experiences and stories to give you motivation and career-changing advice. 

  • Host/Producer — Let’s Eat, Grandma Resume Services 
  • Podcast Format — Interview-style episodes.
  • Average Podcast Episode Duration — 30 minutes.
  • Total Number of Episodes — 202 episodes (as of January 31, 2021).
  • Frequency — Weekly.

4. Guidance Counselor 2.0

Guidance Counselor 2.0 Podcast

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