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Jobscan was born as a result of a job seeker’s frustration. When James Hu found himself on the job hunt in 2013, he discovered that the powerful portals companies were using for hiring were simply parsing, ranking, and filtering resumes with an algorithm based on keywords. Knowing that he’d have to carefully tailor his resume for each application in order to be noticed, he built Jobscan from scratch to automate the process.

Now Jobscan is not just helping one job seeker, but hundreds of thousands worldwide by giving them the power of large applicant tracking systems before they apply to their dream jobs.

Jobscan is still young but growing rapidly in our hometown of Seattle. Based in SoDo, you can catch our team grabbing lunch in the park, having happy hour at one of many microbreweries, or soaking up some rare Seattle sun… always with our laptops in tow.

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James Hu

Founder & CEO

“The Jobscan idea sparked when I was unemployed in 2013. I wanted to build a tool for myself that could help me land a job. As it turned out, many people also saw results using Jobscan. It has since become my mission to help others find jobs. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see the tools our talented team make a real-world difference.”

James grew up in Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington. Before Jobscan, he co-founded a carpooling startup in Asia and worked as a product manager at Kabam Games, Groupon, and Microsoft. He is fluent in English and Mandarin. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Jonathan Wu


“Jobscan is transforming the way we find new career opportunities by re-imagining the job search process. I love social impact companies that have the potential to touch millions of people by helping empower them at the individual level.”

Jonathan grew up in Houston and has broadened his perspective working in Philadelphia, New York, Milan and San Francisco before finally settling in Seattle. Previously, Jonathan co-founded Touch of Modern, the fastest growing men’s commerce company showcasing unique products daily for the modern man. Jonathan is also a partner at Tomo Ventures, a startup studio and advisory firm, and leads Ethical Paws, a public benefit corporation helping animal rescues increase donations. Jonathan graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business with concentrations in Finance, Management, Legal Studies, and Business Ethics.

mack talbot

Mack Talcott


“Jobscan's mission to empower job seekers deeply resonates with me. I have always been attracted to areas where technology can help people when they need it most. Given all of the turmoil that the job hunt can bring, it's gratifying to work on tools that have such a positive impact in the world.”

A passionate technology leader, Mack holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Washington. Before joining Jobscan, he spent 12 years at Trakstar and Applied Training Systems building SaaS solutions for growing companies to up-level their talent. When not at a computer, you can find him scuba diving and spending time with his family. Find him on LinkedIn.

shawn tyler



"Jobscan is an amazing team of dedicated professionals with an important mission of helping job seekers land more interviews using proprietary matching technology and AI. Our unique suite of tools is a must-have for anyone looking for a job in these uncertain times, so it was a perfect time for me to join the team to lead our marketing efforts.”

Shawn is originally from New York and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a tech-savvy Marketing Strategist with a track record of helping top brands grow their businesses like Match Group, Fandango.com, Domino’s Pizza, Citibank, Ooma, and more recently, multiple brands in the career space. His hands-on approach keeps his team on the cutting edge of the intersection of digital marketing, UX, analytics, and optimization.

Collins Marshall



“Jobscan is giving people the edge they need to get noticed in the application process. I love working closely with universities and corporations to enhance their capabilities of producing results for their students and customers. I feel like I get a lot more than I give in this role by helping others achieve their employment goals.”

Collins grew up in Atlanta, GA and graduated college with a degree in Finance. He spent about ten years in the financial industry between research and customer-facing roles, and decided to move over to Jobscan to help people on a much larger scale. Find him on LinkedIn.



“At Jobscan, I help discover and nurture new and current talent. I love the challenge of finding just the right person for new opportunities. I have a deep passion for being a catalyst in people’s careers and I believe in what Jobscan can offer to all job seekers out there. In addition, I enjoy working with a small team where we can collaborate and have our opinions heard and valued.”

Prior to joining Jobscan, Jenia spent several years working in program management, HR, and college admissions for several different organizations and startups. Jenia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington. Follow her on LinkedIn.



“I am so excited to be a part of and help grow Jobscans amazing team of dedicated people! I am passionate about finding top talent across the board and helping people find their dream job. I have been a recruiter in big and small companies and am drawn to Jobscans mission to put job seekers first both in the product and our own hiring.”

Sarah is a Seattle area native and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Humanities from Seattle University. She has been a recruiter for over 4 years with experience at Amazon and Microsoft as well as local and Bay area startups. Find her on LinkedIn.



"After working in an industry set in its ways, it was exciting to discover Jobscan’s dogged pursuit of new ideas and investment in creating growth opportunities for each team member. Jobscan is a collaborative environment where ideas flow between departments, allowing anyone to make contributions in unexpected areas. It’s gratifying to team up in creating impactful resources for job seekers that need a hand.”

Jon has grown with Jobscan as a content writer, manager, and marketer after after spending six years in print publishing making pictorial history books and another six years as a baseball blogger with ESPN.com, Vox Media, and other sites.



“Since starting with Jobscan in 2014, I've written several landing pages, blog posts, email campaigns and more. My favorite part about working for this company, aside from really believing in the product, is the awesome people. Even working remotely (I live in Chicago), I still feel like part of the team on a daily basis. Everyone roots for each other and wants to see their coworkers succeed. What could be better?”

A graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, when Paige isn’t typing away on the computer, you can usually find her exploring the city with her rescue pit bull, Clementine.



“I craft job search related content for the Jobscan blog and engage with the community to determine the types of information our readers want to see. I’m proud to be part of our talented team and to be supporting a product that empowers job seekers.”

Molly is a content marketing specialist who is passionate about remote work, authentic content, and workplaces that value our humanity. Outside of work she can be found chasing after her two small sons, reading, and writing stories.



“It has been rewarding to share Jobscan’s mission of giving power to job seekers both online and offline. Through my role, I have been able to see the positive social impact we can make and have also met incredible people and organizations making a difference in the community. I also love planning fun events that bring the team together and taking care of office operations.”

Linda graduated from the University of Washington with a major in Communication and minor in Political Science. Prior to Jobscan, she worked on community relations at local media companies KING 5 and Hubbard Broadcasting. In her spare time, you can find her exploring the Pacific Northwest and watching Husky and Seahawks games. Find her on LinkedIn.

josue ibarra



“What excites me the most about Jobscan is the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world everyday by helping job seekers get the jobs they deserve. On a technical note, I also love the balance between software engineering and data science. I can switch from tackling large problems head-on to exploring data and generating new insights on a daily basis.”

Josue Alexander is a software engineer from San Diego, California. Before joining Jobscan, he was a co-founder of a medical tourism startup, a digital consultant for small businesses (developing point of sale systems, inventory management solutions, and CRMs), and a software engineer at Underground Elephant.

mark vaughn



“Jobscan combines my love for technology with my value of empowering individuals. I am excited to alleviate common pains for job hunters out there by leveraging our cutting edge technology. Being able to take advantage of our big data and new developments in machine learning is exciting!”

With over 15 years of experience as a full stack developer, Mark has worked on half a dozen startups in Europe, Asia, and across the US. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, he currently is based out of San Diego, where he and his wife enjoy hiking and SUP boarding.



“After over seven months on the job hunt, I immediately clicked with the philosophy of working to help others find the job they deserve. Now, I work on making the Jobscan features of the future a reality.”

Etan develops backend services and data pipelines for Jobscan. Prior to Jobscan, he worked as a Software Engineer at Bargreen Ellingson, and graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a double major in Computer Science and Japanese Language and Culture.

Despite growing up overseas, Etan considers the PNW to be his home. He enjoys hiking, tea, and bongo cat.




“I am excited to have the opportunity to contribute to the development of a product that improves the lives of individuals. As a developer, I'm passionate about the future of web technologies, and enjoy working at the intersection of design and development.”

David is a frontend developer who is enjoys building software that makes a positive impact on the lives of people who use it. Prior to joining Jobscan, David worked for a Seattle startup that tackled the challenge of providing a digital solution for people striving to manage substance use disorder. Besides developing software, David loves spending time with his wife and 2 kids, playing outdoor sports, and perpetually remodeling his home.

Nick Moline



"After working for the same company for 14 years, I was way out of practice when it came to the art of crafting my resumé. I'm excited to work with Jobscan on features that will help job searchers just like I was."

Nick is a full-stack developer with over 25 years of experience in programming for the web and server administration. Before joining Jobscan, he spent 14 years at Justia as a Senior Software Engineer working on legal information projects. When not coding, you can often find him at a community theatre sound board, or enjoying a game of D&D with his family and friends. You can find him on LinkedIn or on his blog.

Anna Onstad-Hargrave

Administrative Coordinator

“I am excited to work for a company that helps people navigate through the difficult task of finding a new job. I'm proud to support a talented team dedicated to empowering job seekers.”

Anna grew up in Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in English and Philosophy. Prior to Jobscan, she worked at Stripe as an Administrative Assistant and at eNotes as an editorial intern. In her free time, Anna enjoys hiking, dancing, and playing soccer. Follow her on LinkedIn.



“My day-to-day tasks are mainly assisting Jobscan users with their inquiries, concerns, and requests in a timely manner. It’s fulfilling to be able to help job seekers and make a difference in their career paths. Aside from doing customer support, I handle website testing every time new features are added to ensure that everything about the tool is working appropriately. Being valued as a person and​ as​ an employee ​over the last 2 years is one of the reasons I love working for Jobscan!”

Misty also worked as a physical therapist and is a rockstar at heart. She loves spending time jamming and playing all kinds of musical instruments with her four-year-old son.



“Since joining the team in February 2018, my main role is to assist in responding to customer emails. Jobscan is passionate about helping every job seeker out there, and that is just so empowering. The best part for me is the fact that even when I am working part-time virtually, my contribution is appreciated. It has been a pleasure to work with the amazing people at Jobscan, and to see the results of their collaborative creativity in enhancing the tool and what it is today (and more importantly tomorrow).”

Apart from doing virtual customer support, Ann also works as an Accounts Receivables assistant. She spends most of her spare time with family, especially her two young children. She enjoys a sedentary lifestyle filled with TV, the latest Netflix movies, and a moderate amount of unhealthy food. Ann’s dream vacation spot is the Maldives.




“My work at Jobscan involves hunting bugs and testing the site's functionality to ensure that everything works well. Recently, I've taken on additional tasks to help the team. It's fulfilling to be able to contribute to the pursuit of realizing the company's vision. In addition, it is great working at Jobscan because it fosters an environment of cooperation and teamwork”

When he’s not looking for bugs, Miguel spends most of his time trading the financial markets and helping out his wife in homeschooling their two kids.



Working from home is a new thing for me. Jobscan allows me to pursue what I do best, which is customer service and the flexibility the job offers is amazing. Most importantly, Jobscan is an inspiration, helping jobseekers find their niche in the workforce, and being part of that is overwhelmingly heartwarming. It gives me a sense of purpose.

Catherine earned her Business degree from Silliman University, Philippines. She spent much of her career working in BPO’s holding supervisory and managerial posts. She’s traveled to different countries in Asia and worked in Singapore. She also lived in France for three years and earned her French Language certificate at the Université de Nantes. She has a certificate in Digital Marketing from Udacity. She speaks English, intermediate French, and Filipino (the national language of the Philippines).