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How To

Part 1: How to Find a Job
Jobscan's Step-by-Step Guide to Finding and Landing a Job
Part 2: How to Write a Cover Letter
Jobscan’s Step-by-Step Guide for Writing an Effective Cover Letter
Part 3: How to Write a Resume
Jobscan’s Step-by-Step Guide for Writing a Resume
Part 4: How to Prepare for a Job Interview
Jobscan’s Step-by-Step Guide to Job Interview Preparation


Part 1: Resume Writing Guide
Jobscan's Guide to Resume Writing to get you Past Computer Screeners
Part 2: Resume Formats
Jobscan's Guide to Resume Formats
Part 3: Resume Templates
Jobscan's Guide to Resume Templates
Part 4: Resume Builders
Jobscan's Guide to Resume Builders, What is a resume builder and how should you use it?
Part 5: Resume Examples
Jobscan's Guide to Resume Examples, How to Use Them Effectively and Which One is Right For You

Cover Letter

Part 1: Cover Letter Writing Guide
Jobscan’s Guide to Writing an Effective Cover Letter
Part 2: Cover Letter Formats
Jobscan’s Guide to Cover Letter Formats

Jobscan Resources

Applicant Tracking Systems

Jobscan's Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems and How to Optimize Your Resume for Them

Tags: ATS intermediate

Jobscan Tutorial

Jobscan Tutorial - Step by Step Guide to Using Jobscan

Tags: help

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