Great resumes employ both active, storytelling language and key terms that align with the job posting. We’ve written several blog posts and compiled as many comprehensive word lists in hopes to arm job seekers with a bank of resume words. We want to help candidates display their unique skills and experience in the most compelling way possible. To that end, we’ve gathered all of our resume words resources below so our readers can find them in one place.

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Resume Keywords

Recruiters look for position-specific keywords whether they’re skimming resumes or employing software to do the job for them. Many of these keywords can be found in the job description and should absolutely be included on your resume.

Most companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes for relevant skills and experience. Some systems can even weed out resumes that are not a match and rank others based on the job description. This means that even highly qualified candidates can slip through the cracks if their resumes are not optimized.

We’ve compiled a list of keywords that appear most frequently in the Jobscan database. These are the top resume keywords recruiters, hiring managers, and ATS algorithms are looking for when vetting applicants.

Note that these keywords are job-specific. Job seekers should identify keywords that are relevant based on the job description.

.NET fashion process improvement
account management FDA process improvements
accounting field sales procurement
accounts payable filing product design
accounts receivable finance product development
acquisition financial analysis product knowledge
acquisitions financial management product line
administrative support financial performance product management
admissions financial reporting product marketing
Adobe financial reports product quality
Adobe Creative Suite financial services program development
advertising financial statements program management
affiliate financing programming
agile fitness project delivery
algorithms Flex project management
alliances forecasting project management skills
analysis forecasts project plan
analytical frameworks project planning
analytical skills front-end proposal
analytics fulfillment prospecting
analyze data fundraising protocols
analyzing data GAAP prototype
android general ledger psychology
annual budget German public health
API GIS public policy
APIs governance public relations
architecture graphic design publications
architectures hardware publishing
assembly health purchase orders
asset management healthcare purchasing
audio help desk Python
audit higher education QA
auditing hing quality assurance
AutoCAD hospital quality control
automation hospitality quality management
aviation hotel quality standards
AWS hotels R (programming language)
banking HRIS raw materials
benchmark HTML real estate
beverage HTML5 real-time
BI human resource reconcile
big data I-DEAS reconciliation
billing IBM recruit
biology immigration recruiting
brand in-store recruitment
branding InDesign regulations
broadcast industry experience regulatory
budget industry trends regulatory compliance
budget management information management regulatory requirements
budgeting information security relationship building
build relationships information system relationship management
business administration information systems repairs
business analysis information technology reporting
business cases installation research
business continuity instructional design research projects
business development instrumentation researching
business intelligence internal audit resource management
business issues internal communications retail
business management internal controls retention
business planning internal customers revenue growth
business plans internal stakeholders RFP
business process international RFPs
business requirements internship risk assessment
business stakeholders intranet risk assessments
business strategy inventory risk management
business systems inventory management root cause
C (programming language) investigate root cause
C# investigation routing
C++ investigations SaaS
CAD invoices safety
call center invoicing sales
case management iOS sales experience
cash flow iPhone sales goals
certification ISO sales management
CFA IT infrastructure sales operations
change management ITIL Salesforce
chemicals Java SAP
chemistry Javascript SAS
circuits JIRA scheduling
Cisco journal entries SCI
client relationships journalism scripting
client service key performance indicators scrum
client services KPI SDLC
cloud KPIs security clearance
CMS LAN segmentation
co-op law enforcement SEO
coaching leadership development service delivery
coding lean SharePoint
commissioning legal six sigma
complex projects legislation small business
compliance licensing social media
computer applications life cycle software development
computer science lifecycle software development life cycle
computer software lighting software engineering
construction Linux SolidWorks
consulting litigation SOPs
consulting experience logistics sourcing
consulting services machine learning specifications
consumers man resources spelling
content manage projects sports
continuous improvement management consulting spreadsheets
contract management management experience SQL
contracts market research SQL server
controls marketing staffing
conversion marketing materials stakeholder management
correspondence marketing plans standard operating procedures
cost effective marketing programs standardization
cost reduction marketing strategy start-up
counsel mathematics startup
counseling MATLAB statistical analysis
CPG matrix statistics
CPR mechanical engineering status reports
CRM media relations strategic direction
cross-functional team medical device strategic initiatives
CSS merchandising strategic planning
customer experience metrics strategic plans
customer facing Microsoft Office strategy
customer requirements Microsoft Office Suite strong analytical skills
customer service Microsoft Word supervising
customer-facing migration supervisory experience
D (programming language) mining supply chain
daily operations MIS supply chain management
data analysis mobile support services
data center modeling Tableau
data collection mortgage tablets
data entry MS Excel talent acquisition
data management MS Office talent management
data quality MS Project tax
database negotiation technical
datasets networking technical issues
deposits non-profit technical knowledge
design nursing technical skills
development activities office software technical support
digital marketing on-boarding telecom
digital media on-call test cases
distribution operating systems test plans
DNS operational excellence testing
documentation operations therapeutic
documenting operations management trade shows
drafting oracle training
drawings ordering transactions
driving record OS transport
due diligence outreach transportation
dynamic environment outsourcing travel
e-commerce partnership travel arrangements
ecommerce partnerships troubleshooting
economics payments TV
editing payroll Twitter
editorial PeopleSoft UI
electrical performance improvement underwriting
electrical engineering performance management Unix
electronics performance metrics usability
EMEA pharmaceutical user experience
employee engagement pharmacy UX
employee relations phone calls valid drivers license
end user photography value proposition
engagement Photoshop variances
engineering physical security vendor management
ERP physics vendors
ETL PMP video
event planning policies VMware
expenses portfolio management warehouse
experimental positioning web services
experiments PR windows
external partners presentation workflows
fabrication presentations writing
Facebook process development

Learn more about resume keywords.

Resume Skills

Resume skills are keywords often sourced directly from the job description. Possessing the right skills and including them on your resume can let recruiters know at a glance that you’re a great candidate for the job.

The first thing many recruiters look for are hard skills that align with the job. To better understand which skills job seekers should be paying attention to, we have parsed millions of job descriptions and found the most in-demand, most common, and most overrated skills for specific industries.

Explore the Jobscan Skills Reports

Learn more about adding skills to your resume.

Resume Action Verbs

Action verbs are the resume words that propel sentences, helping job seekers to tell engaging stories about their experience. We have four pieces of advice when it comes to selecting resume action verbs:

  1. Avoid generic verbs that recruiters often see. Recruiters may pass right over generic words that they’ve seen time and again, like “participated” or “assisted.”
  2. Use fresh language instead. Verbs like “spearheaded” and “mobilized” can grab a recruiter’s attention and improve the readability of your resume. Hiring managers also told us that they love to see industry-specific verbs.
  3. Be specific, carefully selecting verbs that speak to your unique experience. We’ve provided over 400 verbs to help you find the exact word you need.
  4. Avoid using the passive voice on your resume when possible. Look for places where action verbs can replace passive constructions.
Accomplished Elicited Overhauled
Achieved Eliminated Oversaw
Acquired Emphasized Participated
Acted Empowered Partnered
Adapted Enabled Patched
Addressed Enacted Performed
Adjusted Encouraged Persuaded
Administered Endeavored Photographed
Advanced Endorsed Piloted
Advertised Enforced Pioneered
Advised Engineered Planned
Advocated Enhanced Predicted
Aided Enlisted Prepared
Aligned Enlivened Presented
Allocated Ensured Presided
Amplified Entertained Printed
Amplify Equalized Prioritized
Analyzed Established Probed
Answered Estimated Processed
Applied Evaluated Produced
Appointed Examined Programmed
Appraised Exceeded Projected
Approved Executed Promoted
Arbitrated Expanded Proofread
Architected Expedited Proposed
Arranged Experimented Proved
Articulated Explained Provided
Assembled Explored Publicized
Assessed Expressed Published
Assigned Extracted Purchased
Assisted Fabricated Qualified
Attained Facilitated Quantified
Audited Familiarize Raised
Augmented Fashioned Reached
Authored Fielded Rebuilt
Authorized Filed Recognized
Automated Finalized Recommended
Awarded Fixed Reconciled
Balanced Focused Recorded
Began For Recruited
Blocked Forecasted Rectified
Boosted Forged Redesigned
Brainstormed Formalized Reduced
Briefed Formed Referred
Budgeted Formulated Refined
Built Fortified Refocused
Calculated Fostered Registered
Campaigned Founded Regulated
Capitalized Furnished Rehabilitated
Captured Furthered Reinforced
Cared Gained Remodeled
Cataloged Gathered Renovated
Categorized Generated Reorganized
Centralized Goals Repaired
Chaired Grew Replaced
Championed Guided Reported
Charted Halted Researched
Checked Handled Reserved
Clarified Headed Resolved
Classified Helped Responded
Co-Authored Helping Restored
Coached Hired Restructured
Coded Hosted Retrieved
Collaborated Identified Revamped
Collected Ignited Reviewed
Combined Illustrated Revised
Communicated Imagined Revitalized
Compared Implemented Rewrote
Compiled Improved Routed
Completed Incorporated Saved
Composed Increased Scheduled
Computed Individualized Screened
Conceptualized Influenced Scrutinized
Condensed Informed Searched
Conducted Initiated Secured
Conferred Inspected Set
Conserved Inspired Shaped
Considered Installed Sharpened
Consolidated Instilled Shattered
Constructed Instituted Showcased
Consulted Instructed Simplified
Contacted Insured Simulated
Contracted Integrated Slashed
Contributed Intensified Solicited
Controlled Interacted Solved
Convert Interpreted Sparked
Converted Intervened Spearheaded
Conveyed Interviewed Specialized
Convinced Introduced Specified
Cooperated Invented Spoke
Coordinated Inventoried Standardized
Corrected Investigated Steered
Corresponded Involved Stimulated
Counseled Itemized Storyboarded
Crafted Joined Strategized
Created Judged Streamlined
Creative Launched Strengthened
Critiqued Lectured Studied
Cultivated Led Submitted
Curated Lessened Succeeded
Customized Leveraged Suggested
Debated Lifted Summarized
Debugged Listened Supervised
Decided Lobbied Supplied
Deciphered Located Supported
Decreased Logged Surpassed
Deducted Lowered Surveyed
Defined Maintained Sustained
Delegated Managed Synthesized
Delivered Mapped Systematized
Demonstrated Marketed Targeted
Deployed Maximized Taught
Derived Measured Teaching
Described Mediated Technical
Designed Mentored Terminated
Detected Merged Tested
Determined Minimized Tracked
Developed Mobilized Trained
Devised Modeled Transformed
Diagnosed Moderated Translated
Diagramed Modified Transmitted
Differentiated Monitored Troubleshoot
Directed Motivated Tutored
Discerned Navigated Unified
Discovered Negotiated United
Discussed Networked Up
Dispatched Observed Updated
Dispensed Obtained Upgraded
Displayed Operated Utilized
Distributed Optimized Validated
Documented Orchestrated Verified
Drafted Ordered Visualized
Drew Organized Volunteered
Drove Originated Won
Earned Outlined Wrote
Edited Outpaced Yielded
Educated Outperformed

Learn more about resume action words.

Resume Adjectives

Resume adjectives can help describe the nature of your experience and skills. Though adjectives are often the first words that come to mind when when writing a resume, it’s best to use them strategically and sparingly. In many cases, descriptive adjectives can be replaced with action verbs to better communicate your potential contribution to a company.

Take these two examples:

  • Creative growth marketer with people management experience.
  • Conceptualized a social media push and led a team of four writers and designers to implement the campaign, resulting in a 300% ROI.

The first example uses an adjective (creative) to describe the candidate’s ability, while the second example uses action verbs and concrete statistics to illustrate the same characteristic. The second example is far more convincing than the first. This is why job seekers should be careful about leaning too heavily on adjectives.

However, there are places for adjectives on any resume, such as in the resume headline. For this reason we’ve compiled a list of 150 resume adjectives below.

Accomplished Economical Proactive
Accountable Elegant Productive
Accurate Eloquent Professional
Active Energetic Proficient
Adept Enterprising Profitable
Advanced Enthusiastic Progressive
Alert Exact Punctual
Amiable Exhaustive Purposeful
Amicable Expert Qualified
Ardent Fast-learning Quality
Articulate Fastidious Relentless
Assertive First-class Reliable
Astute Fluent Resilient
Attentive Focused Respectful
Bold Genuine Revolutionary
Businesslike Groundbreaking Robust
Calculating Harmonious Rousing
Calm Honest Shrewd
Charming Ideal Significant
Cheerful Imaginative Sincere
Clear Impartial Skilled
Coherent Industrious Skillful
Cohesive Influential Smooth
Collaborative Ingenious Sophisticated
Committed Innovative Spirited
Competent Insightful Steadfast
Complex Inspiring Step-by-step
Concerted Instrumental Strategic
Confident Intelligent Strong-willed
Conscientious Inventive Structured
Consistent Investigative Studious
Constructive Keen Superior
Controlled Logical Supportive
Cooperative Loyal Sustainable
Cost-effective Methodical Systematic
Courteous Meticulous Tactful
Cutting-edge Motivated Team-minded
Decisive Novel Tenacious
Dedicated Objective Thoughtful
Dependable Orderly Timely
Detail-oriented Painstaking Tireless
Detailed Passionate Unique
Determined Perceptive Unprecedented
Devoted Persistent Vigorous
Diligent Personable Visionary
Diplomatic Persuasive Vivid
Discerning Pleasant Well-grounded
Disciplined Positive Wholehearted
Driven Practical World-class
Earnest Precise Zealous

We hope our collection of resume words helps you land the job! You can optimize your resume keywords and skills for each job you apply to with Jobscan. And check out our free ATS-friendly resume templates for more help writing your resume.