To assist means to give help, support, or contribution to others to accomplish a goal. 

In your resume, you should highlight your willingness to support and collaborate with your colleagues, which improves the team’s morale, engagement, and productivity. And these are what employers want! 

To make your application stronger, we recommend that you use powerful resume synonyms for “assist” and use the past tense. 

This shows recruiters and hiring managers how you gave support and how your contributions impacted others.

In this guide, we listed powerful synonyms for “assist” you can use on your resume to make your statements clearer and more impactful.

16 Resume synonyms for Assist:

Here’s a list of powerful synonyms for “assist” you can use on your resume. 

  1. Aided
  2. Backed up
  3. Boosted
  4. Eased
  5. Served
  6. Reinforced
  7. Lifted
  8. Collaborated
  9. Contributed
  10. Enabled
  11. Encouraged
  12. Facilitated
  13. Fulfilled
  14. Relieved
  15. Prepared
  16. Trained

Find more “assist” synonyms you can include on your resume here.

How to replace Assist with a stronger synonym

When writing your resume, use targeted and specific synonyms for “assist” to show examples of when you supported others to accomplish something.

For example,

Instead of saying,

Assisted in organizing team-building activities.

Try saying,

Organized and facilitated the company’s quarterly team-building activities.

Simply using the word “assist” gives recruiters a vague idea that you helped in some unknown way. On the other hand, using the word “organized” paints a picture that you were part of conceptualizing, planning, and executing the company’s team-building events. And using the word “facilitated” tells recruiters that even during the event itself, you were still involved.

Examples of how to use synonyms for Assist

Here are some examples of using synonyms for “assist” on your resume.

  • Trained and equipped the new batch of 50 call center agents on company goals, proper etiquette, and standard operating procedures.
  • Backed up the Procurement Team in streamlining purchasing procedures and replacing small suppliers with a few major distributors.
  • Boosted social media engagement by 357% by creating valuable content, helping the marketing team achieve one of its goals.
  • Reinforced the strict implementation of the company’s SOPs, which helped reduce failure costs caused by defective products by 13%.
  • Implemented Scrum within the department, reducing backlogs by 25% and increasing productivity by 37%.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for “Assist” to put on a resume?

Try using these words instead of “assist” when writing your resume.
• Furthered
• Helped
• Lifted
• Implemented
• Performed

What is a better way of saying “Assist” on a resume?

When writing your resume, use the strong synonyms for “assist” to describe your contributions and support more clearly. Here are examples:
• Supported
• Aided
• Scheduled
• Expedited
• Initiated

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