The word “assisted” refers to any action taken to help or support someone else in completing their work. 

Adding this ability to your resume shows that you can work collaboratively and are eager to contribute in any way you can. 

The problem with the word “assisted” is that it doesn’t tell hiring managers what you did – only that you helped in some vague way. 

If you know how to do a task well enough to put it on your resume, choose a more descriptive word than “assisted”.

Here is a list of synonyms for the word “assisted” that you can add to your resume.

Resume synonyms for Assisted:

The average salary range for healthcare recruiters is between $58,000 and $88,000, with a median salary of $71,000.

How to replace Assisted with a stronger synonym

When you’re writing your resume, try to replace the word “assisted” with a more specific action verb. 

For example:

Instead of saying,

Assisted in creating marketing materials.

Try saying,

Compiled data for marketing materials.

This demonstrates your ability to analyze and interpret data, which gives hiring managers a much clearer picture of what you’re capable of. 

Examples of how to use synonyms for Assisted

Here are some examples of how to use synonyms for “assisted” in a sentence:

  • Administered medications and treatments to patients per physician orders.
  • Contributed to the design of several architectural projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial structures.
  • Organized a team of 15 project managers, achieving an average cost reduction of 10% for each project.
  • Enabled customer success by providing support and resolving 85% of complex customer inquiries within 24 hours.
  • Counseled students on critical thinking and problem-solving skills, increasing academic performance by 10%.
  • Accommodated the financial needs of 2 clients by managing $300,000 in assets and creating customized budgets that resulted in a 5% increase in savings.


Q: What is another word for Assisted to put on a resume?

If you are looking for a word that is stronger and more descriptive than “assisted,” try using one of these words instead:
• Accommodated
• Assessed
• Compiled
• Counseled
• Evaluated
• Formulated
• Implemented
• Obliged
• Persuaded
• Supported

Q: What is a better way of saying Assisted on a resume?

Instead of using a word like “assisted” on your resume, try using words like Supported, Contributed, Collaborated, Implemented, Organized, Compiled, or Scheduled. These words are better because they describe what you did, which is what hiring managers want to see.

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