how to research before an interview

How to Research a Company Before an Interview

On average, one job offer attracts 250 resumes. Of those resumes, an average of 6 candidates will get called for an interview. If you have been called for an interview, congratulations! You stood out from a huge group of applicants. However, you still need to beat out an average of five other people that the […]

How to get a job as a software engineer.

What Do Companies Look For in a Software Engineer? IT Recruiter Insights

By the latest estimates, there are currently over 21 million developers in the world. Yet, 62% of them are open to new job opportunities with another 13% actively looking for a job, according to the annual StackOverflow survey. What’s more, the interview process and writing/updating a CV top the list of challenges software developers find […]

attract recruiters on social media

7 Ways to Attract Recruiters and Find the Perfect Job with Social Media

If you’re looking for work online, there are lots of places where you can start casting your net. Plenty of job seekers are already using unconventional means to get hired– 86% of workers who are still within their first decade of employment use or have used social media to seek out jobs. Recruiters have noticed and […]

Make your social media profiles more professional while job hunting.

Social Media Profile Tips for Job Hunting

Employers nowadays are very particular about the people they choose to hire. More often than not, they prefer to generate background reports on candidates to help them make intelligent hiring decisions. In many cases, they check the candidate’s social media profiles as well, as a person’s online activities and social media presence can help employers […]

Desperation in your job interview

How Desperation Hurts You in a Job Interview

Job hunting can be downright demoralizing. You send out resume after resume without getting anything in return. Why didn’t the hiring manager like what they saw? Did they even see it? After sending so many resumes into the void, even a rejection email can become a welcome acknowledgment. It’s natural for desperation to seep in […]


Bouncing Back After a Job Rejection

After weeks of searching for job openings, sending your resume to multiple companies, and facing the uncertainty of the job market — you finally get asked to interview for what could be your dream job. “This could be THE ONE”, you say to yourself. You arrive on time, dressed smartly, with resume in hand ready […]