Job Search Tools by Jobscan

Jobscan’s mission is to create the best tools for job seekers. These job search tools are based on extensive testing and research of the systems used by hiring companies.

Resume Builder

Start here if you don’t have a resume or are ready for a fresh start. Just choose an ATS-friendly template, follow our step-by-step prompts, then download your brand new resume.


Resume Optimization

Get your resume noticed. Jobscan’s flagship resume checker optimizes your resume based on recruiter insights and the real applicant tracking system (ATS) algorithms.


Career Change Tool

Forge a new career path! The key to changing your career is identifying your transferable skills. Upload your resume to see which jobs are a match for the skills you already have.


Companies Hiring

Get the inside scoop into which companies are hiring, experiencing hiring freezes, or laying off workers. While many companies are slowing down during this economic downturn, many are still hiring.


LinkedIn Optimization

Skip the job application. Bring recruiters right to your inbox. Recruiters are searching for candidates like you on LinkedIn, but they’ll only find you if you have an optimized LinkedIn profile. Get started now!


Resume Power Edit

Tailoring your resume has never been faster. This powerful resume editor allows you to import your resume, add your missing skills, and export an ATS-optimized resume-- all from one screen.


Jobscan Coach

Empower your clients with Jobscan. This career coach tool enables you to give Jobscan to your clients, scan resumes on their behalf, monitor their job search progress, and view success metrics.