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The Ultimate List of Companies Still Hiring

This list of companies continuing to hire, pausing hiring efforts, or enduring layoffs has been compiled from multiple public lists and news sources. We hope this list of company hiring statuses will support you in your job search during the COVID-19 crisis.

The list of companies hiring is mostly user-generated, so please add information if you know anything about your company. We have a dedicated team maintaining this list to ensure it remains up to date.


The base data for this table comes from the following sources: Blind, Candor, layoffs.fyi, StartupHireMe, and various news outlets. Additional data is crowdsourced. Jobscan is unable to verify all information submitted.

Is your company still hiring?

A Message from our CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic, quarantines, and closures are unprecedented in our lifetimes. The public health crisis and adapting to “stay home” orders have added to our collective stress, but it’s important to remember that the economy is a cyclical force with downturns that occur every 8-10 years.

Many will experience unemployment at least once during their lifetime. It hits the ego at its core, but try not to take it personally. Companies make this excruciating decision in order to survive.

You’re beginning a new chapter. Now is the time to decide your new path. These opportunities don’t come very often. Take time for yourself and recoup for a couple of weeks if you’re able. It’s OK to slow down.

When you’re ready to start looking, know that just because a company is going through layoffs doesn’t mean they’re not hiring. Browse their job listings and see if there are new roles being opened for a better indication of whether they’re still hiring.

Just because we’re experiencing an unprecedented unemployment rate doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Finding a new job is now your new full-time job. Create a new routine and a goal every day. For example, “I will apply to 5 jobs a day and make sure my resume is tailored and optimized for each one.” That’s 25 jobs a week, 100 jobs a month. Hiring processes will be much slower so have patience. Rejections and not hearing back will be the norm. Refine your process and learn from the rejections. In time, you will begin to receive interviews.

Keep your spirits up. You’re doing the right things by doing your research and finding new resources. We know you will find your next career!

- James Hu, Jobscan Founder and CEO

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