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Resume tips

Tips to help you get past automated resume filters


  • Remember that even if you have a personal connection through your network, your resume / CV will typically need to be submitted to the company’s ATS.
  • Add a keywords section for keywords that may not fit. Name this section "Skills" or "Relevant Skills."
  • Consider including section headers in ALL CAPS to make it easy for the applicant tracking system to categorize the information.
  • If you are working towards a certification that is a requirement for the position, do include it on the resume / CV -- but make sure you include a phrase such as "Pursuing (name of credential)."
  • If given the choice, do upload your resume rather than cutting pasting sections into text boxes. When it is eventually forwarded to a human, it will look much more appealing.
  • Use the exact job title on the resume / CV if possible.
  • Include months in dates.
  • Use the full, spelled-out version terms in addition to abbreviations and acronyms [i.e., Certified Public Accountant (CPA)].
  • Tailor each resume according to the most repeated skills and keywords found at Jobscan.


  • Include skills you don't possess on the resume / CV as an attempt to "trick" the applicant tracking system into selecting you. Anything on your resume / CV needs to be substantiated in an interview, or increasingly in a skills-based test before you interview.
  • Upload only a PDF version of your resume as tables and complex formatting may be broken.
  • Use company-specific jargon that outsiders would not know about.
  • Use a one-size-fits-all resume for multiple jobs.


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