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Resume Tips

Tips to help you get past automated resume filters.

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Do’s and Don’ts

  • Use Jobscan to tailor your resume keywords to the job description.
  • Use a resume skills section to include top skills if you’re not sure how to incorporate resume keywords.
  • Choose common resume fonts like Cambria, Garamond, Palatino, Calibri, and Helvetica.
  • Use the exact job title from the job description on your resume if possible. If you haven’t had the exact title, you can do this by tweaking a previous job title that had the same functions or using an introductory statement.
  • Opt for a career summary when including an introductory statement.
  • Include months and years in your work history (e.g. 11/2017, November 2017, Nov 2017).
  • List accomplishments on your resume instead of only job duties. Using measurable results in percentages, time, and dollars prove your value.
  • Use abbreviations and acronyms to account for all ATS searches [e.g., Certified Public Accountant (CPA)].
  • Save your resume with a professional file name. Your first name, last name, and the position works great.
  • Check out our full list of resume tips.
  • Use the same generic resume for every job.
  • Include a “References Upon Request” section.
  • Include a headshot on your resume.
  • Waste space on a resume objective statement.
  • Overuse keywords in an unnatural way just to get noticed by the ATS. This is called “resume keyword stuffing” and hiring managers are trained to notice it.
  • Copy and paste the entire job description in white text to your resume to make it “ATS-optimized.” This is easily noticed.
  • Add skills you don’t actually have to your resume.
  • Rely on variations or different tenses of keywords found in the job description. Use exact matches when possible.
  • Get too creative with design (i.e., fancy fonts, tables, formats).
  • Submit your resume before spell-checking or having someone else review it.