The traditional resume format is a reverse-chronological format, which best highlights a long, detailed work history. In contrast, a functional resume format focuses on skills and makes work history a footnote. It’s best suited for those with unconventional or sporadic career paths.

A happy medium is the hybrid resume (also known as a combination resume), a format that has found recognition in recent years for its ability to marry the best aspects of chronological and functional resumes. Hybrid resumes highlight relevant skills and accomplishments while still providing context through work history details.

Whether you realize it or not, this resume format has become the norm for many job seekers who want to include a skill section or increase their match rate within an applicant tracking system like Taleo. The hybrid resume format is also the best resume format for these groups of job seekers:

  • New graduates or entry-level job seekers: For those with little to no professional experience, a hybrid resume allows them to spotlight both hard skills (degrees earned and technologies mastered, for example) and soft skills (such as good communication, adaptability, and teamwork).
  • Career changers: People with solid work histories in one field while looking to move to another can demonstrate their reliability while also playing up their transferable skills and experience. Proof that you are a dependable employee is a good building block to launching a new career.
  • Applicants re-entering the workforce: Sometimes life happens and people are forced to take time off work. Becoming a parent or caring for aging parents are common reasons for time off. Millions of people have resume gaps in their work histories after experiencing layoffs during the recent recession. Hybrid resumes can help diminish the impact of those gaps by filling most of the space with information about key skills and how they have been put to use.
Hybrid Resume Template, the best resume format.
Hybrid Resume Template Example. Click to Enlarge. Download .docx

When you are looking for a new job and wondering exactly what skills you should highlight, turn to a resume analysis tool such as Jobscan. It will instantly compare your resume with a job posting to show you which skills you should prioritize, which you are missing, and what you can do to make your resume a better match.

Jobscan offers 20 resume templates, most of which are hybrids.

To write a great hybrid resume, this is what you need to know:

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