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Writing your LinkedIn headline can be tricky. It’s the first thing potential employers, clients, and connections see, so it’s your best chance to make a killer first impression.

Instead of just listing your job title or company, think of your headline as your personal ad—a one-line mission statement that shows who you are and why people should connect with you.

In this article, we’ll explore how to craft a standout headline that grabs attention and gets you noticed. Let’s get started!

What is a LinkedIn headline?

Your LinkedIn headline is a snappy tagline that quickly sums up who you are, what you do, and what you’re aiming for—perfect for catching the eye of potential employers and connections.

“The resume headline is your first impression to the reader,” says recruiter Kelli Hrivnak. “Come in strong with a hook that grab’s their attention and keeps them reading.”

Your LinkedIn headline appears right beneath your name and profile picture on your LinkedIn profile page (see below).

LinkedIn headline example

If you don’t customize your LinkedIn headline, LinkedIn will generate one for you based on your current job title and company. However, using this default headline isn’t recommended because it doesn’t highlight your unique skills and experience.

How to change your LinkedIn headline

Changing your LinkedIn headline is simple. Just click on the edit button (the pencil-shaped icon circled in red in the image above).

You’ll then see an “edit intro” screen. Scroll down until you see the headline section below. Change your headline to whatever you want and hit the “save” button. That’s it!

How to change your LinkedIn headline.

Your LinkedIn headline can be up to 220 characters long. It’s valuable real estate so try to pack in as much information as you can.

Why is your LinkedIn headline important?

The goal of your headline is to convince people to read the rest of your LinkedIn profile. This is an important first step on a path that could eventually lead to new opportunities.

In fact, studies show that 6 people are hired on LinkedIn every minute!

“A candidate’s LinkedIn presence can make a huge difference in getting an interview, especially in today’s digital world,” says Executive Resume Writer Clair Levy. “Recruiters and hiring managers love to do a little LinkedIn snooping (in a good way!) before deciding who gets that golden ticket to an interview.”

How to create a powerful LinkedIn headline

Here’s a basic formula you can follow to help you create an effective LinkedIn headline. You can copy and paste this formula into the writing platform of your choice.

Text Copied!

[Current Role/Profession] | [Primary Skills/Areas of Expertise] | [Unique Value] | [Notable Achievement] | [Personal Passion or Career Goal]

Let’s take a closer look at each element of this formula:

1. Include your current role or profession

Your LinkedIn headline should quickly establish your professional identity. Use the exact title you hold in your current position. Include your level of experience, such as “Senior,” “Manager,” “Director,” etc.

If your title at your current company is not perfectly aligned with your career goals, you can tweak it slightly to better fit your aspirations. But don’t mislead.

For example
  • Senior Marketing Manager | SEO & Content Strategy Expert
  • Project Manager | Expert in Agile & Scrum Methodologies | Delivering High-Quality Projects On Time
  • Software Engineer | Full-Stack Developer | Specialized in React & Node.js | Passionate About Building Scalable Solutions

2. List your primary skills or area of expertise

Many companies now prioritize skills-based hiring. This is why it’s crucial to include any standout skills or certifications in your headline.

To choose skills for your headline, look at job listings to find the most in-demand skills. Then highlight the ones you excel in and that match your career goals.

For example
  • Project Manager | Agile & Scrum Specialist | Leading High-Impact Teams
  • Graphic Designer | Adobe Creative Suite & UX Design | Creating Engaging Visuals
  • Financial Analyst | Data Analysis & Forecasting | Enhancing Business Decisions

3. Highlight your unique value

Your unique value is what makes you stand out from everyone else in your field. It could be your specialized expertise, innovative problem-solving skills, or any other trait that makes you valuable to employers or clients.

For example
  • Marketing Manager | SEO & Content Strategy Expert | Growth-Driven Marketing Leader
  • Business Analyst | Business Analytics & Data Solutions | Cost-Cutting Strategist
  • Data Scientist | Machine Learning & Data Analytics Expert | Innovator in Predictive Modeling

4. Include a measurable accomplishment (optional)

If possible, try to include a measurable accomplishment in your LinkedIn headline. A measurable accomplishment uses numbers to show the impact you had. This is a powerful way to boost your credibility.

For example
  • Project Manager | Agile & Scrum Specialist | Efficiency-Driven Leader | Delivered Projects 15% Under Budget
  • Sales Director | B2B Sales & Account Management | Revenue Growth Strategist | Boosted Revenue by $1.5M in FY2023
  • Customer Experience Manager | Service Improvement Specialist | Champion of Customer Satisfaction | Raised Satisfaction Scores by 30%

5. Mention a personal passion or career goal (optional)

Make your LinkedIn headline more compelling by adding your personal passion or career goal. This highlights your enthusiasm and helps you connect with others who share your interests and values.

For example
  • Marketing Manager | SEO & Content Strategy Expert | Proven Engagement Innovator | Increased Website Traffic by 200% | Passionate About Digital Transformation
  • Data Scientist | Machine Learning & Data Analytics Expert | Innovator in Predictive Modeling | Improved Forecast Accuracy by 25% | Dedicated to AI Advancements
  • Sales Director | B2B Sales & Account Management | Revenue Growth Strategist | Boosted Revenue by $1.5M in FY2023 | Focused on Building Strong Client Relationships

NOTE: The LinkedIn headline formula we’ve provided is just a handy guide for job seekers. Don’t feel like you have to stick to it rigidly. Tweak the formula to showcase your unique personality.

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How to create a LinkedIn headline if you’re changing careers

If you’re changing careers, create a headline that’s honest about your transition. Focus on your transferable skills and show enthusiasm for your new career.

For example
  • Marketing Manager Transitioning to Data Science | Skilled in Data Analysis & Strategic Thinking | Passionate About Leveraging Data for Insights
  • Project Coordinator | Expertise in Data Management & Analytical Thinking for Business Intelligence | Committed to Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Sales Executive | Passionate About User Experience Design | Strong Background in Customer Insights & Market Research | Dedicated to Creating Seamless UX

How to create a LinkedIn headline if you have no experience

If you have no experience, your LinkedIn headline should focus on your transferable skills, relevant coursework, certifications, volunteer work, and your passion for the field.

For example
  • Recent Graduate in Computer Science | Aspiring Software Developer | Skilled in Python and Java
  • Enthusiastic Learner | Transitioning to Data Analysis | Completed Google Data Analytics Certificate
  • Aspiring Graphic Designer | Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite | Passionate About Visual Storytelling”

20 LinkedIn headline examples to inspire you

Now that you know how to write a compelling LinkedIn headline, let’s dive into some real-world examples.

1. Show off your skills and drive for growth

LinkedIn headline example.

Chris’s headline is a dynamic mix of key roles and skills. What really stands out is his commitment to driving revenue growth and building strong client relationships. It’s not just a list of skills; it’s a promise of value and results.

By using all the space provided, Chris makes every character count. It grabs attention and sets the stage for a professional who’s ready to make a big impact.

2. Stand out with awards and roles that scream leadership

LinkedIn headline example.

Nicole grabs attention right from the start by showcasing an achievement that establishes her as a thought leader. The terms “Change Agent” and “Super Connector” further highlight Nicole’s ability to drive transformation and build powerful networks.

3. Promote your soft skills

LinkedIn profile example.

Marin brands himself as a “Professional Troubleshooter” who delivers on time and within budget. This showcases his knack for problem-solving, time management, and attention to detail, all crucial soft skills.

4. Show off your mission-driven leadership

LinkedIn profile example.

Justin kicks off his headline with a powerful mission statement, “Made to make a difference.” This immediately grabs the reader’s attention and sets a positive vibe right away.

This headline is a great mix of personal mission and professional titles, making Justin stand out as a dedicated and forward-thinking leader.

5. Highlight your academic excellence and diverse talents

LinkedIn headline example.

Christina grabs attention right away by showcasing an impressive array of scholarships. Adding dual majors that blend business with creativity makes this profile even more unique and remarkable.

6. Keep it simple while conveying your expertise and leadership

LinkedIn headline example.

Sophia’s headline nails it with a clear, no-nonsense approach. She clearly conveys both her professional identity and her impact – the two things a LinkedIn headline needs to do.

7. Be bold and memorable

LinkedIn profile example.

John’s headline brings the energy. The phrases “scaling disruptive brands,” “customer data truffle pig,” and “creating irrational brand love” are unique and memorable.

8. Use emojis to establish your personality and stand out

LinkedIn headline example.

Linda’s headline pops with vibrant emojis. They add a fun, personal touch while showcasing Linda’s advocacy, creativity, and skills.

9. Blend internship experience with academic achievement

LinkedIn profile example.

Bastian’s headline is a great example for student interns. It blends work experience, specialization, and education seamlessly, making it perfect for a student intern looking to make a strong impression.

10. Offer your unique value proposition

LinkedIn profile example.

Your unique value proposition is a brief statement that explains what makes you different and valuable to your target audience.

After establishing himself as an expert and an entrepreneur, Karnika offers his unique value proposition – that he provides “the knowledge, support & solutions founders need to run their businesses better in Web3.”

11. Highlight your studies, goals, and skills if you’re a student

LinkedIn profile example.

Muhammad’s headline is a perfect example for students who feel they don’t have much to say. It begins with Muhammad’s academic identity, followed by his career goals, and then lists his relevant skills.

12. Use buzzwords that resonate in your field

LinkedIn profile example.

Petol’s headline is a fantastic example of using industry-relevant buzzwords. “Passionate,” “creative,” and “inclusive” are terms that strongly reflect the core values of modern education.

13. Highlight specific accomplishments

LinkedIn headline example.

Aanchal’s headline is a great example of how to combine professional identity, specialization, and notable achievements (the list of bylines). It’s simple but effective.

14. Showcase top credentials and specialized expertise

LinkedIn headline example.

This headline shines by putting impressive credentials front and center, all capitalized. This headline immediately establishes credibility and demands attention from the reader.

15. Get the most out of your 220 character limit

LinkedIn headline example.

Noelle’s headline maximizes all available space, packing in passion, education, diverse teaching roles, and a clear value proposition. It’s a perfect snapshot of her commitment to her field.

16. Focus on who you are and the value you offer

LinkedIn headline example.

This headline nails it with just two elements. 1) a clear professional identity and 2) a unique value proposition. This is all you need to stand out.

17. Uses numbers to highlight experience and expertise

LinkedIn profile headline example.

This headline uses numbers to grab attention and build credibility. Overall, it combines identity, experience, and specialized skills, which makes for a compelling LinkedIn headline.

18. Show passion for your field

LinkedIn profile headline example.

Employers and clients love hiring passionate people, and this headline blends professional roles with personal passion.

19. Be specific about the value you offer

LinkedIn headline example.

Being specific about your value is key, and this headline does just that. After establishing her professional identity, Kathleen goes on to explain that she uses “video storytelling platforms” to revolutionize orientation and recruitment.

20. Present a vibrant, engaging personality

LinkedIn profile headline example.

This catchy headline showcases Katharina’s personality alongside her professional skills. This can be especially effective if you work in a creative field.

Add keywords to your headline to get more job interviews

Recruiters type in specific keywords—usually job titles and skills—to find potential candidates on LinkedIn. If your profile section includes these keywords you’ll pop up in their LinkedIn search results.

Your LinkedIn headline is prime real estate for these keywords.

But how do you figure out the right keywords to use in your headline? One way is to manually scan job descriptions for positions you’re interested in. Highlight the job titles and exact skills listed, and try to include those keywords in your headline or LinkedIn summary.

A faster and more effective way is to use an online tool.

Jobscan’s LinkedIn Optimization tool uses AI to compare your profile with relevant job postings. It identifies the exact keywords recruiters are searching for and even scores your LinkedIn profile.

You can see immediate results using this tool. “Once I crafted the profile to match what the recruiters were looking for, it connected and it worked,” says one Jobscan user.

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10 things NOT to say in your LinkedIn headline

“Unemployed or seeking work” – Focus on your skills and expertise rather than your current job status.


“Hard worker” – Generic terms like this don’t stand out. Highlight specific skills or accomplishments instead.


“Team player” – Overused and vague. Specify how you’ve contributed to team success.


“Open to opportunities” – This is too broad. Be specific about the types of roles or industries you’re targeting.


“Experienced Professional” – Too generic. Mention your field or specialty to add clarity.


“Looking for a Job” – Shift the focus to what you can offer rather than your job search status.


“Detail-oriented” – Commonly used and lacks impact. Showcase your attention to detail with specific examples.


“Guru/ninja/rockstar” – These terms can seem unprofessional and aren’t taken seriously.


“Motivated self-starter” – Avoid clichés. Instead, provide examples of your initiatives.


“Personal information” – Keep unrelated hobbies and personal interests out of your headline.

Key takeaways

  • Your LinkedIn headline is a concise tagline under your name that summarizes who you are, your skills, and the value you can bring to an organization.
  • You have up to 220 characters to create your headline, so use this space wisely.
  • A good LinkedIn headline can attract more profile views and help you get noticed by recruiters.
  • A suggested formula for a powerful LinkedIn headline includes your current role, primary skills, and unique value.
  • Highlight what makes you stand out, such as specialized expertise or measurable accomplishments.
  • Mentioning your personal passion or career goals can make your headline more compelling and help you connect with others who share your interests.
  • If you’re changing careers or have no experience, focus on transferable skills, relevant coursework, certifications, and enthusiasm for your new job.
  • Use keywords related to job titles and skills that recruiters search for to improve your chances of appearing in search results.


What should you put as your headline on LinkedIn?

For a great LinkedIn headline, aim to capture your professional identity, key skills, and unique value.
Here’s a formula to help you create an effective headline:

[Current Role/Profession] | [Primary Skills/Areas of Expertise] | [Unique Value]

For example: “Marketing Manager | SEO & Content Strategy Expert | Successful Track Record of Driving Growth and Engagement”

What is a good profile headline?

A good LinkedIn profile headline is a brief description of your professional role, highlights key skills, and emphasizes your unique value. Aim to make it concise, specific, and impactful to attract the attention of recruiters and connections. For example:

Project Manager | Agile & Scrum Specialist | Delivering Projects On Time and Under Budget

What is the best headline for LinkedIn?

The best LinkedIn headline is one that quickly and clearly communicates who you are, what you do, and what sets you apart. It should be engaging, use keywords relevant to your industry, and reflect your professional strengths and goals.

What is a professional headline?

For LinkedIn users, a professional headline is a brief, impactful summary of your role, expertise, and unique value. It’s designed to grab attention, highlight your key skills, and appeal to your target market.

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