Much to the distaste of Geriatric Millennials (please don’t hate us) and older, TikTok seems to be here to stay. The application originally soared in popularity with videos featuring viral dance routines, animals acting silly, and other (mostly) light-hearted shenanigans. But now TikTok has gained footing in other types of content, including the career space and job search.

In a previous post, we highlighted TikTok’s pilot program, TikTok Resumes. But in this post, we’re focusing on content creators aiming to help you secure your next position. The accounts we feature in this article provide solid, actionable advice you can apply to your job search.

Without further ado, here are the creators we recommend following if you are job searching:

  1. @jennylogullo
  2. @selfmademillennial
  3. @rob_cancilla
  4. @professionalpersona
  5. @greglangstaff
  6. @katieyowyow
  7. @davidpaykin
  8. @jackiecaves
  9. @workhap
  10. @accelerateplus

Jenny Logullo

Jenny’s videos feature actionable advice presented in an easily digestible way. She does a great job of speaking with job searchers and not at them. Her presentation is full of empathy, humor, and a deep understanding of what job searchers are experiencing during the process. 

You can find more of Jenny’s videos here.

Madeline Mann

As someone who previously worked in human resources, Madeline’s content focuses on advice from someone on the other side of the hiring process. Because of that, she understands the intricacies of what goes on behind the scenes. Her videos share detailed tips anyone can apply to their job search.

You can find more of her videos here

Rob Cancilla

Rob is a fast talker who will help you secure a job—yes, we’re going to say it—fast. Whether he is sharing specific keywords you should include in your resume or actually jumping on his computer to show you how to implement his hacks, his videos feel like you are getting advice from the inside.

You can find more of his content here

Professional Persona

Kelly heads up the Professional Persona account. Watching her videos feels like hearing valuable advice from a close friend. She isn’t afraid to dish out some tough love—to both job searchers and those on the other side of the process. However, her tips are easy to follow and will make your job search much easier to navigate.

You can find more of her videos here

Greg Langstaff


Do this on your resume to stand out to hiring managers and get interviews! #resume #jobsearch #careeradvice #career #learnontiktok

♬ original sound – Greg L. – Career Coach 🤓

Greg’s content is extremely hands-on. He will spend entire videos going through someone’s bullet points and completely revising them. He also doesn’t shy away from dueting other career coaching content and adding to their expertise with easy, important advice.

Find more of Greg’s content here

Katie N.

Katie is a recruiter in the technology industry. Because of that, her content offers value for those curious about the other side of the job searching process. She shares insider tips and even feeds job searchers answers and questions that will make them look impressive during the interviewing process.

More of Katie’s videos can be found here

David Paykin

Who needs caffeine when you can watch David’s videos? This content creator’s job searching advice is like good coffee—bold, to-the-point, and energizing. He breaks down resume tips, interview hacks, LinkedIn networking, and much more.

To watch more of David—and his tiny hand pointer—you can find his videos here

Jackie Caves

Jackie’s content will make you laugh through the frustration that often comes with job searching. Her videos often use humor to help you understand the job search from an HR professional’s perspective. She’ll also break down how exactly to make good impressions on resumes and in interviews step by step.

Check out more of Jackie’s videos here

Sho Dewan

Sho previously worked as a recruiter, so he knows exactly what the hiring process is like. He also knows how to help get you ahead while navigating this process. Follow him if you want to make sure you are securing the best offers and aren’t falling for any tricks along the way. 

Find more of his videos here.

Accelerate Plus

Accelerate Plus’s videos share actionable advice on the job search. More importantly, these videos break down that advice and show job searchers how to pursue it all in easy-to-follow steps. Though it seems as if they took a hiatus from posting videos for much of 2021, a new video was published this August. Plus, the older videos still offer a plethora of helpful job searching tips. 

You can find more of Accelerate Plus’s videos here

There you have it—our recommendations for creators to follow on TikTok if you’re job searching. Make sure to supplement their advice with a stellar resume. We can help! Use our resume builder to create your resume from scratch. Just choose a format, follow the prompts, download/print, and submit!

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