The word “created” means that you developed something new, either on your own or with a team.

The ability to take initiative and think of creative solutions is a valuable skill that employers are always looking for.

The problem with the word “created” is that it’s generic and might not reflect the complexity of your work. 

By using a more specific and descriptive word, you can showcase your accomplishments more vividly to hiring managers.

Here is a list of synonyms for the word “created” that you can add to your resume.

Resume synonyms for Created:

The average salary range for healthcare recruiters is between $58,000 and $88,000, with a median salary of $71,000.

How to replace Created with a stronger synonym

When writing your resume, try to replace “created” with an action verb that is more precise and descriptive.

For example:

Instead of saying:

Created new experiments to test potential treatments for chronic illnesses.

You could say:

Conceptualized innovative ways to examine potential treatments for chronic illnesses.

This demonstrates your ability to think outside the box, identify problems, and develop creative solutions. 

Examples of how to use synonyms for Created

Here are examples of how to use synonyms for the word “created” in a sentence on your resume:

  • Engineered solutions to complex programming problems within the computer science industry.
  • Redesigned tourist itineraries to increase customer satisfaction, resulting in 15% more repeat customers.
  • Pioneered a new sports medicine program that led to a 10% decrease in recovery time.
  • Established a new publishing house from scratch, resulting in a client base of over 200 customers and 8 employees within the first year.
  • Transformed the company’s social media presence, increasing followers by 25% and engagement rate by 45% within four months.”
  • Originated a data-driven approach to improve response times for the police department, resulting in an 8% reduction in crime within the jurisdiction.


Q: What is another word for Created to put on a resume?

If you want to use a word that is more specific and descriptive than “created,” try using one of these synonyms instead:
• Authored
• Composed
• Founded
• Imagined
• Instituted
• Manufactured
• Produced
• Redesigned
• Revised
• Visualized

Q: What’s a better way of saying Created on a resume?

Instead of using “created” on your resume, consider using words like Constructed, Crafted, Devised, Edited, Fabricated, Launched, or Shaped. These synonyms are more effective because they tell the hiring manager what you did.

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