Showcasing how you developed something that made your previous company or organization better in terms of performance, productivity, and profitability is crucial to landing your dream job.

To effectively portray this skill on your resume, avoid vague, overused, and boring words like “developed” and use better and more targeted resume synonyms for “developed” instead.

In this quick read, we listed 51 “developed” synonyms you can use when writing a killer resume that positions you as the top job candidate.

51 Resume synonyms for Developed

Here are 51 “developed” synonyms you can use when describing your creativity, innovation, and competence on your resume.

  1. Accelerated
  2. Accomplished
  3. Achieved
  4. Amplified
  5. Attained
  6. Boosted
  7. Built
  8. Capitalized
  9. Completed
  10. Created
  11. Decreased
  12. Delivered
  13. Demonstrated
  14. Drove
  15. Earned
  16. Effected
  17. Enacted
  18. Endeavored
  19. Established
  20. Expanded
  21. Expedited
  22. Fine-tuned
  23. Finished
  24. Founded
  25. Generated
  26. Grew
  27. Implemented
  28. Improved
  29. Initiated
  30. Invented
  31. Launched
  32. Lifted
  33. Managed
  34. Overhauled
  35. Pioneered
  36. Produced
  37. Revamped
  38. Saved
  39. Sharpened
  40. Sparked
  41. Spearheaded
  42. Started
  43. Steered
  44. Stimulated
  45. Streamlined
  46. Strengthened
  47. Succeeded
  48. Surpassed
  49. Targeted
  50. Transformed
  51. Upgraded

How to replace Developed with a stronger synonym

To prove to recruiters and hiring managers that you have the ability to develop and create something beneficial to the company, replace the word “developed” with clearer and more specific action words and synonyms.

For example:

Instead of saying,
Developed an office filing system. 

Try saying,
Initiated and implemented an office filing system.

Using the synonyms “initiated” and “implemented” brings the impact of the statement to a new level and proves to recruiters that you are someone who can initiate, create, and execute.

Examples of how to use synonyms for Developed

Here are some more examples of how you can use “developed” synonyms on your resume.

  • Launched three marketing campaigns during the last quarter of 2022, successfully boosting company revenues by 40%.
  • Accelerated the HR department’s average time for recruitment by 5%
  • Overhauled and streamlined the company’s tedious, repetitive, and inefficient finance processes to save time and money.
  • Established a robust referral program and decreased customer acquisition costs by 13%.
  • Generated year-over-year data on overhead costs and produced a strategic plan on how to reduce them.
  • Built strategic partnerships with key stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for “Developed” to put on a resume?

Instead of using “developed” when writing your resume, try using the following power words instead:
• Accelerated
• Accomplished
• Achieved
• Effected
• Generated
• Implemented

What is a better way of saying “Developed” on a resume?

Make your resume more impactful by using synonyms for “developed.”
Here are a few examples.
• Established
• Finished
• Founded
• Pioneered
• Produced
• Sharpened
• Stimulated
• Succeeded
• Upgraded

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