Ever wonder what your younger self would think of you today? Well, John Graham’s younger self is doing cartwheels, because he’s working for NASA.

But before he landed that job with Jobscan’s help, he had applied to hundreds of jobs with no response.

Bye Bye Confidence

Graham, who is a veteran, was feeling confident as he approached graduation at The Houston Engineering Center (a subset of The University of Texas at Tyler). After all, he now had a degree to back up his impressive military experience.

As time went on, he started to lose confidence. “On paper they tell me I’m kinda smart. How come I feel like a big stupid fool?” Graham said of his fruitless job search.

He reached out to UT Tyler Career Success Coach, Mark Stark, for guidance. Expecting a long explanation and complicated application formula, Graham was surprised when Stark told him there was just one simple problem: his resume lacked the right keywords.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Stark got Graham set up with Jobscan to solve his keyword problem. Immediately, Graham saw the value. “You can have this machine that sits there and screams at you and puts big red Xs and says you’re getting a really poor score, it makes it easy to see where you’re going wrong” Graham explained.

By the way, don’t be discouraged by low starting match rates when using Jobscan. Even Graham’s initial scores fell into the 20-30% range, which shocked him.

“I think there’s a disconnect between reality and ego,” he said. “You think you’re all that, and you go in and look at the actual basic structural components that are needed, you’re like ‘I got a 25%?’”

Houston, We Have Job Success

Within two weeks of using Jobscan, Graham got a call from a hiring manager about his dream job: an engineering role for NASA, building the structure that will house a new microgravity simulator. He was hired two days before graduation.

Every job seeker is capable and deserving of landing their dream job, just like John Graham. Take the first step and run your resume through Jobscan. Your future awaits!

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