This month, we are introducing a significant shift in how Jobscan analyzes and matches keywords on your resume.

Previous keyword matching approach

Previously, the Jobscan tool recommended an exact match between the keywords on your resume and the keywords in the job description. 

For example, a job description might include the keyword “management” but your resume only uses “manager” or “managed”.

In the past, our tool would have required you to change the words on your resume to “management” if you wanted to increase your Match Score.

This often led to keyword stuffing, as users tried to incorporate the exact terms from job descriptions, sometimes at the expense of a natural-sounding resume.

Applicant tracking systems have evolved

However, after extensive testing and analysis of various applicant tracking systems (ATS), we found that these systems have evolved to recognize variations of a word.

This means that a hiring manager who’s looking for a job candidate with “management” experience will also find resumes that use the keywords “managed” or “manager”.

Introducing word variation detection

Reflecting this evolution in ATS, the Jobscan tool now detects and matches word variations as well. This offers a more flexible and realistic approach to resume optimization.

Here’s an example of how this update is displayed within Jobcan’s Match Report. Below is part of a job description with the keyword highlighted:

Your resume, however, might use a variation of this keyword:

Now, when you upload your resume along with the job description into our tool, you can see that the Match Report accepts the variation as if it were an exact match:

The benefits of this update for Jobscan users

This update encourages you to craft your resume with more natural language, without the pressure of adhering strictly to the keywords in the job description. 

This is a major shift in our approach, resulting in a more accurate, flexible, and authentic resume-crafting experience.

This update is just one of a series of improvements aimed at enhancing your experience with Jobscan. Stay tuned for more updates and features that will revolutionize your job search journey!

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