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Simply upload your resume to the tool above. You’ll then see three things.

  1. A list of potential careers you should consider based on your skills and work experience.
  2. A current list of available jobs for that career.
  3. A list of your hard and soft skills.

Pay particular attention to your transferable soft skills. These can be applied to any job in any field. Soft skills often make up for not having specific hard skills.

Don’t have a resume? Check out these templates , or learn how to download your Linkedin Profile as a PDF.

Use Power Edit for fast resume optimization

Are you looking to switch careers but feel that your resume is stuck in your old job? Jobscan's Power Edit is here to help. Power Edit allows you to optimize your resume with lightning speed. It uses AI-powered technology to help you add the hard and soft skills you need to change careers successfully.

Create tailored resumes for maximum impact

Power Edit uses cutting-edge AI for a sophisticated, efficient approach to resume customization.

  • Resume editing Add skills and watch your score go up in real-time.
  • Keyword identification Discover the exact keywords hiring managers are searching for.
  • Bullet points Use AI-crafted bullet points for precise targeting.
  • Design and layout Elevate your resume's visual appeal.
  • Templates Choose from six templates, complete with color variations.
  • Cover letter Generate customized cover letters with just a single click.
  • Recruiter tips Get expert tips on how to create the perfect resume.

Align your skills to the job

Power Edit analyzes your resume against the job description. It then tells you which skills to add to your resume for a closer match.

Missing skills are highlighted in red. After adding these skills, watch your resume score go up in real-time. There’s no need to reload your resume.

How Power Edit works:

  1. Upload your resume and the job description.
  2. Enter the job title and the company you're applying to.
  3. Click Power Edit.
  4. Review the AI-generated suggestions.
  5. Make edits directly in your browser to boost your match score.

Discover the best way to describe your skills

Not sure how to incorporate missing skills into your resume? Power Edit offers AI-generated suggestions for phrasing.

Click on a skill, and you'll be presented with several ways to include that skill in a bullet point. Copy and paste your favorite.

Power Edit’s phrase suggestions help you tailor your resumes quickly and effectively. This allows you to send out more highly targeted resumes, increasing your chances of getting job interviews.

Use Power Edit's synonyms for a better match

Power Edit can also suggest similar keywords that fit the job description better.

Just move your cursor over any light brown keyword on your resume to see a better option from Power Edit.

As you update your resume, Jobscan saves your changes right away. This allows you to create an ATS-friendly resume in no time.

Use ATS resume templates for faster optimization

Power Edit provides you with six ATS-compatible resume templates. Simply select a template, and your resume will immediately adopt the new format.

Each template features a different color scheme, allowing you to customize your resume even further.

Use these templates to quickly craft a professional-looking resume without the time and effort typically required.

Create a custom cover letter with a single click

Most people hate writing cover letters. Fortunately, Power Edit can take on the bulk of this daunting task.

With just a single click, Power Edit transforms the information on your resume into a cover letter targeted to your desired job.

No more staring at a blank piece of paper. Power Edit can easily write a compelling cover letter that captures your strengths and suitability for the new role.

How to get Power Edit

Power Edit is a feature of Jobscan Premium, which offers you unlimited resume scans, LinkedIn Optimization, and access to various premium tools.

Start with a free trial to begin using Power Edit on your resume now.

An amazing 90% of Jobscan Premium users have used our tool to secure more interviews.