3 Fresh Tips to Get a Knockout Resume Format for Internships

The traditional resume format for internships is a chronological format, primarily because this format highlights education and experience (work or volunteer) first. An internship resume should include the following categories (in order): Contact information Full name Address Preferred phone number Email address Resume objective (a single sentence outlining what you can bring to the internship/do […]

Eddie's no experience resume

How to Write a Resume with No Experience

Best Actor Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne confessed on Conan that he lied on his resume, claiming he was a skilled equestrian when auditioning for Elizabeth I. This backfired during filming, when he found himself clinging for dear life to the back of an enormous stallion, flanked by 40 stuntmen. “[The director] Tom Hooper comes from […]

dwight gartmon jobscan user

How One Job Seeker’s Secret to Success Can Be Yours, Too

The rise of applicant tracking systems (ATS), the recruiting software used by 90 percent of businesses to filter and rank resumes, may be helping employers—but it isn’t necessarily helping job seekers. The idea behind applicant tracking systems is to help hiring managers select the best applicants from the applicant pool by highlighting the best resumes—and even […]

E-Recruitment: 3 Terms All Job Seekers Absolutely Must Know

Are you having trouble finding a job—or even landing interviews? If so, you should know that it might not be because you lack necessary qualifications. The modern job market exists mostly online. “E-recruitment” is the practice of using technology and Web-based resources to find, filter, and interview potential employees—and hire them. You may be a […]