The Jobscan Engineering team has just released some new features that will make your job search easier and more effective. Watch the video to see these new features in action or read the blog post to see all of the new features and updates.

New Jobscan Features

New Power Edit experience enabled globally for Premium users

The new Power Edit experience has been integrated as the default resume scan for all premium users, including those on a free trial. However, we’ve also included the flexibility for users to revert to the previous scan report and power edit if desired. This option can be easily disabled within the user’s dashboard.

The resume selector on the scan module now shows favorited resumes

The resume selector in the scan module will display only favorited resumes. You can view all your favorite resumes with no limit. You can even preview resumes by clicking the magnifying glass icon, and easily unfavorite a resume from this module as well.

Implemented keyword highlighting for stemmed skills

The new editor is now capable of recognizing variations of certain keywords by stemming them and then highlighting them in the inline editor. 

For example, if you include “facilitating”, “facilitates”, and “facilitated” on your resume, the system will treat them all as “facilitate”. When listed as skills, Power Edit will highlight them in the inline editor as matching words. 

This ensures that every instance of “facilitating” is identified and highlighted, regardless of the specific phrasing used.

Animation on Match Score milestones

When the Match Score reaches specific milestones, we enhanced the experience with a celebratory animation!

The Power Edit history on the dashboard is now sorted by the most recently edited session instead of most recent created

Whenever the opportunity is accessed in the Power Edit history, the list will automatically sort to display the most recent edited session at the top, accompanied by an updated timestamp reflecting the latest changes.

In the Job Description view on Power Edit, skills that do not exist on the resume will be highlighted in red

An iteration was made in the job description view on Power Edit, where skills that did not exist on the resume were highlighted in red. 

Once the skill has been added to the resume in Power Editor, the highlight in the Job Description view will also update from red to green.

Changed the “Builder” tab name to “Editor

Fixed some Power edit typos


The company name hyperlinks have been made recognizable on the downloaded resume from Power Edit.

Enabled the ability to generate phrases for skills even if the skill is already on the resume

The ability to generate resume phrases for skills was enabled, even if the skill was already present on the resume (green check). Now you can generate as many phrases for you want, even if that skill is already on your resume.

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