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Have you ever scanned your resume through Jobscan and gotten a message about your dates or other information not showing, even though your resume document has all of that information?

a screenshot of the searchability section of the jobscan resume scanner

It might be confusing. Is the tool not working? Did you do something wrong?

Don’t worry, there’s no scan error. In fact, everything is operating exactly as it should be. Here’s what’s happening and what you can do about it.

Why Jobscan sometimes can’t read the dates or other text on your resume

Did you know that Jobscan’s resume scanner uses the same parsing technology that most applicant tracking systems use? There’s a parsing API used by many ATS, and Jobscan uses the same API.

Our scanner is designed to mimic an ATS. So when you scan your resume into Jobscan, it’s just like uploading it to an ATS.

Whatever the Jobscan scanner sees (or doesn’t see) is the same thing the ATS will (or won’t) see.

As you know, ATS can be a little finicky about formatting. There are some formatting styles that an ATS just can’t read.

So when your Match Report tells you that your resume doesn’t have dates or is missing other information, that means that something about the formatting is preventing the parser – the same parser that ATS use – from seeing that text.

If the Jobscan resume scanner can’t see it, the ATS probably won’t see it either.

How to fix the error

What can you do? Well, this is the reason why Jobscan exists! Now that the system has identified formatting or parsing errors, you can now fix the problem.

You can download one of our free ATS-friendly resume templates, use our free resume builder, or use Power Edit to convert any resume to an ATS-friendly format instantly.

We try to make it as easy as possible to create an ATS-friendly resume that’s tailored for each job. If you have more questions, you can email our support team at

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