When searching for jobs on LinkedIn, you may want to save positions of interest to come back to later. LinkedIn conveniently provides a “save” button, just beside the “apply” button, which allows you to do so in one click.

save a job on linkedin

Where do my LinkedIn saved jobs go?

Once you click the “save” button, the job will be stored in your job tracker under “saved jobs.”

linkedin in saved jobs in job tracker

How do I view my LinkedIn saved jobs?

You can access your saved jobs in two simple clicks.

  • From the homepage (or any page), click on “Jobs” in the top navigation.

jobs in top navigation linkedin

  • Next, click on “Saved Jobs,” located in the top left corner of your screen.

saved jobs in job tracker linkedin

How do I apply to a saved job?

Simple! Click the blue “Apply” button.

job tracker saved jobs apply linkedin

How do I delete a LinkedIn saved job?

To remove a job from your “Saved Jobs,” click on the X.

delete saved job on linkedin

Can recruiters see when I save a job on LinkedIn?

No. The LinkedIn Saved Jobs function is only for your convenience, to bookmark jobs you’d like to apply to. Recruiters will not know if you save a job.

Can my employer see my saved jobs on LinkedIn?

No. According to LinkedIn, all application activity is private and not visible to your network.

As you can see, saving jobs on LinkedIn is easy. It’s a great way to bookmark the jobs you’d like to apply to in the near future and prioritize your time.

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