Your job search can be physically and emotionally draining. To land just one job offer, you must send out at least 100 to 200 applications. This entails manually filling out information and creating new accounts which take tremendous time and cause stress and anxiety. What’s even worse is that you do these redundant tasks for every job application with zero assurance that you’ll hear back from the employer.

Thankfully, LinkedIn launched Easy Apply to streamline the application process so that you can send out job applications easier and faster in just a few clicks. 

In this no-nonsense guide, you will learn everything you need to know about LinkedIn Easy Apply and whether or not it is worth taking a shot at in your job search.

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What is LinkedIn Easy Apply?

LinkedIn Easy Apply is a plugin LinkedIn released in 2011 to allow job seekers to easily send out applications quickly and efficiently without leaving LinkedIn.

On the flip side, this plugin helps recruiters and hiring managers get a steady stream of active and passive job candidates among LinkedIn’s 830 Million users and makes their lives easier.

LinkedIn Apply vs. LinkedIn Easy Apply: What’s the difference?

When browsing job listings on LinkedIn you’ll notice that some jobs have an “Apply” button while others have a “LinkedIn Easy Apply” button. What’s the difference between the two?

LinkedIn Apply

The Apply button redirects you to the company’s job site, where you manually enter your information and answer screening questions and validations. Since you will do the same manual steps for every job application you submit, your progress towards landing a job offer is painfully slow.

LinkedIn Easy Apply

The Easy Apply button allows you to apply to the job without ever leaving LinkedIn. You don’t need to create a new profile for every job application; you can easily pull up existing information stored on LinkedIn for the job you are applying for. 

Advantages of LinkedIn Easy Apply

LinkedIn Easy Apply is all about speed and convenience. Here’s what you can accomplish with this tool:

  • Submit many job applications to different job posts in various companies with minimal time and effort. 
  • Eliminate time-consuming tasks like creating new accounts, filling out application forms, and uploading documents for every job application.
  • Smoothly apply to different jobs without having to leave the LinkedIn platform. 
  • Easily attach your LinkedIn resume to any job application. 
  • Avoid typing in redundant information for every application since LinkedIn populates the standard fields in the job post with information in your LinkedIn profile. 
  • Check who works at the company among your connections and school alumni.
  • See the link to the company’s website and check the recruiter posting for the job.

Disadvantages of LinkedIn Easy Apply

Here are some disadvantages of applying for jobs on LinkedIn Easy Apply.

  • Since the application process is so easy, competition is stiff. Therefore, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd.
  • LinkedIn Easy Apply uses existing information in your profile. With this, you cannot customize your LinkedIn profile for every job application. So you need to make sure your profile is stellar to prove to any recruiter that you are right for the job.
  • There is no opportunity to present referrals and references. 
  • There is no space to further build a strong case as to why you are the strongest candidate for the job.

How do you use LinkedIn Easy Apply?

Applying through LinkedIn Easy Apply is simple and fast. Here’s how.

1. Search for the job you are interested in on LinkedIn’s jobs tab. Use LinkedIn’s filters to narrow your search.

2. On the results tab, look for job postings that have the Easy Apply feature.

3. Select the job you want and click on the Easy Apply button.

4. The application is straightforward. A popup box will appear; you just need to fill in the required fields and then click Next. To make this process faster, LinkedIn populates specific fields with pre-saved information in your LinkedIn profile.

5. Upload your resume. You can either upload a resume from your computer or device or choose an existing LinkedIn resume.

After uploading your resume, proceed with your application by clicking Next.

6. There will be a few more screening questions that you need to answer like years of experience, education, and willingness to work onsite or relocate if you are from a different city or country. 

Employers can customize these screening questions to help narrow their selection and streamline their hiring process.

7. Once finished, you will see a summary of all your inputs. When everything is all set, click Submit.

8. When you submit your application, LinkedIn notifies the job poster. You will also receive application updates when the job poster views your application or downloads your attached resume.

What an employer sees when you apply through LinkedIn Easy Apply

List of what recruiters see when you apply using LinkedIn Easy Apply

After you submit your application, you might notice a message that says “your profile was shared with the job poster.

Even if you do not follow through with your job application, the job poster or recruiter now knows that you’re interested. This won’t make a difference in your job search, but recruiters sometimes sort through these shared profiles when they’re not getting enough quality applications.

Here is what these profiles look like from the recruiter’s side:

shared profiles after hitting the linkedin apply button

When recruiters view your application, they will see a quick summary of your LinkedIn information.

what an applicant looks like in linkedin

Here are the specific details recruiters will see:

  • Your LinkedIn profile picture
  • Your LinkedIn headline
  • Number of jobs you applied for
  • Your four most recent work experiences (job titles + company)
  • Your education
  • Skills you listed and relevant keywords
  • Your contact information

For more information, see our Job Seeker’s Guide to LinkedIn Recruiter Search, and be sure to check out Jobscan’s leading LinkedIn optimization tool.

How to grab the recruiter’s attention when you apply for jobs on LinkedIn

Since recruiters only have an average of 7 seconds to scan your information and there are around 250 job applications for every job post, you need to quickly grab the recruiter’s attention and hold their interest. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Have a great LinkedIn photo

Not using a photo could get you passed over, so upload a photo and make it a good one. (That means something professional, crisp, and well-lit.)

Read the full guide: 5 Tips for Taking a Professional LinkedIn Profile Picture

2. Write a strong LinkedIn headline

Your headline stands out throughout the LinkedIn application process. By default, LinkedIn creates your headline based on your current job title and company. For example: “Web Developer at Jobscan.” 

But with 220 characters to work with, stopping there is a wasted opportunity. Add in other details that describe what you can do for the company. 

Read the full guide: 18 Impactful LinkedIn Headline Examples from Real People

3. Align your location and industry

Ensure that your location aligns with where you’re looking for jobs, not necessarily where you currently live or work. Same thing for the industry. Think about where you’re trying to take your career rather than where it’s historically been.

4. Optimize your LinkedIn profile to match the job

View criteria match” shows the recruiter a breakdown of how well your profile aligns with the job description.

criteria match linkedin job application

The skills section is made up of the keywords you entered into your Skills & Endorsements profile section and words you used throughout your profile.

Recruiters and hiring managers can sort their applicants by Match Score, which appears to be based mostly on job title match, experience level, location, and industry.

While you don’t need to tailor your LinkedIn profile for every job application the way you would do for your resume,  you do need to write a complete, keyword-rich LinkedIn profile that matches the types of jobs you want.

Try LinkedIn Optimization from Jobscan

Jobscan’s LinkedIn Optimization Tool analyzes your LinkedIn profile against three or more jobs at a time.

It scores your profile and shows you the exact skills missing from your LinkedIn profile based on the job descriptions.

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Attaching your resume to LinkedIn Easy Apply

While LinkedIn Easy Apply applications include a place to upload your resume, it’s often marked “optional” and is deemphasized within the recruiter’s dashboard. 

LinkedIn sees itself as the evolution of resumes, so it’s not surprising that resumes are merely a supplemental part of many LinkedIn applications.

In the recruiter dashboard, the resume you upload is hidden within a couple of obscure menus, like this:

what a resume looks like in LinkedIn

Recruiters can also find your resume by scrolling down near the bottom of your profile in an Additional Info section.

So upload your resume to LinkedIn and tailor it to the job. But don’t submit your LinkedIn application hoping your resume will do the heavy lifting. Your candidacy will likely live and die with your LinkedIn profile so it needs to be in tip-top shape.

Here are some resources to guide you through building an optimized LinkedIn profile:

When to use LinkedIn Easy Apply

Here are instances when it’s smart to apply for jobs on LinkedIn through its Easy Apply feature:

  • You’re trying to cast a wider net in your job search and get your profile to as many recruiters as possible.
  • You have a killer LinkedIn profile that’s updated and optimized for the jobs you are interested in
  • You have limited time and your job strategy is sending to as many job postings as quickly as possible.
  • You’re applying for jobs that don’t require specialized skills.
  • You don’t have time to do the traditional job application process. Applying through Easy Apply is better than nothing.
  • You have a tailored resume for every job application.
  • You can follow up with the job application instantly. This will signal to recruiters that you really want the job.
  • The job post specifically instructs that you apply through Easy Apply on LinkedIn.

When not to use LinkedIn Easy Apply

As with any other tool and strategy, there are times when it’s not right to use the Easy Apply option. Here are cases:

  • You’re applying for your dream job. Applying through the Easy Apply option is not the best platform to make you stand out. You need to carefully tailor your resume and cover letter (when needed) and optimize your LinkedIn profile to match what the recruiter wants.
  • You want to showcase your unique skill sets and values.
  • Your LinkedIn profile is bare bones, outdated, or simply generic.
  • You’re looking for your first job. Recruiters will use filters and check on the critical match score to screen applicants. As a recent graduate, it will be hard for you to stand out.
  • You are changing careers. The Easy Apply option doesn’t give enough platform where you can convince recruiters why you are the best for the job even when your past experiences aren’t related to the job.
  • You have employment gaps. Easy Apply doesn’t allow you to explain your work history gaps and prove to recruiters that you are up to the job.

Tips to strengthen your application through LinkedIn Easy Apply

LinkedIn Easy apply is a useful tool for job seekers. But relying on the application alone and leaving your LinkedIn profile as-is will not land you that job offer. 

Here are some things you can do to strengthen your application and get recruiters and hiring managers to notice you.

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile to match the jobs that you are interested in

When applying for jobs on LinkedIn, recruiters and hiring managers use the platform as their ATS. So incorporate skills and relevant keywords found in the job description that recruiters might search for into your LinkedIn profile. Showcase your professional skills and what you bring to the table.

An optimized profile that’s updated and professional is your ticket to grabbing the recruiter’s attention and landing a job interview.

2. Reach out to people who are currently in the job position you want

LinkedIn Easy Apply shows you the number of connections you have who work in the company. Reach out to these people when you can and ask for referrals. You can even ask them for tips on your application. 

Search for the company you want to apply in, and look for people who are currently working there. Then connect with them and ask them for more information, tips, and even recommendations.

Pro Tip: Did you know that 85% of jobs are filled through networking and connections? Use your network today and connect with people who can help you land your dream job!

3. Connect with the recruiter

Some job posts on LinkedIn disclose the name of the recruiter. 

Click on the name and connect with the recruiter. Send the recruiter a message and share your interest in the job and why you are the best fit. This is a long shot but landing your dream job is worth it.

4. Tailor your resume to the job description

Since LinkedIn allows you to attach your resume, make sure that you upload a resume that’s optimized for the job you are applying for. This way, when recruiters view your resume, they can clearly see the value that you bring and why you are the best job candidate for the position.

5. Follow instructions

Read the job description and instructions found on the job post carefully. Some recruiters like to use instructions to weed out applicants. For instance, a recruiter might ask you to apply via Easy Apply and through the company website. Specific instructions like this show recruiter who read the job ad and who are really interested to get the offer.

Key Takeaways

LinkedIn Easy Apply simplifies the job application process and allows job seekers to send out applications more easily and quickly without having to go out of the LinkedIn page. This feature saves you time and effort and allows you to cast a wider net in your job search. 

Here’s our LinkedIn Easy Apply summary of key points:

  • Although LinkedIn Easy Apply makes the application process more efficient, it also raises competition since the process is so easy. This means that it would be easy for your application to be tossed in a sea of job candidates. It is also harder for you to stand out.
  • Although the resume is deemphasized when applying through Easy Apply, it is always a smart move to attach a resume that is tailored to the specific job description of the position you are applying for.
  • To grab the recruiter’s attention and increase your chances of getting a job offer, update your LinkedIn profile and don’t leave anything to chance. Optimize your profile to the jobs you want and pepper it with keywords that recruiters are looking for.
  • Networking is still the key! Reach out to LinkedIn members who work at the company you like and connect with them. Share with them your interest and ask for help from them.
  • Connect with the recruiter. Tell them about your interest in the job and show them why they need to take a chance on you.
  • It is not the number of applications you send out that lands you the job. It is the quality of your application, the strength of your credentials and work experiences, and what you bring to the table that get you the offer.

Jobscan’s LinkedIn Optimization Tool analyzes your LinkedIn profile, checks whether it is optimized for the jobs you are interested in, and gives you an accurate Match Score. It also gives actionable steps on how you can further improve your LinkedIn brand. 

Save your time and maintain your peace of mind by using Jobscan’s LinkedIn Optimization Tool today! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Easy Apply on LinkedIn mean?

Easy Apply on LinkedIn is one of two options you have when applying for a job on LinkedIn. The Easy Apply feature allows you to submit your job application without leaving the platform. It also allows you to send many job applications to different companies with minimal effort.

Do employers look at LinkedIn Easy Apply?

Yes. Employers, recruiters, and hiring managers look at LinkedIn Easy Apply. In fact, 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to look for new employees. The LinkedIn Easy Apply option makes it easy for them to look at applications and sift through the candidates.

Does LinkedIn Easy Apply work?

Yes. LinkedIn Easy Apply works. Most of the jobs posted on LinkedIn have this feature to make it easier for recruiters to get leads. In fact, 6 people get hired on LinkedIn every minute.

Where is the Easy Apply button on LinkedIn?

The Easy Apply button is the blue button right below the basic company information on the job post.

Do the recruiters get notified when you submit your application?

Yes. LinkedIn immediately notifies the job poster when you submit your application.

Does LinkedIn give updates about the status of your application?

LinkedIn sends you notifications when:

  • The job poster opened your application, including your answers to their screening questions and introductions (if applicable.)
  • The job poster downloaded your attached resume.

How does LinkedIn Easy Apply make your application more efficient?

Here’s how LinkedIn Easy Apply makes your life easier:

  • It streamlines the application process and allows you to apply to multiple job posts without leaving LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn stores your saved answers from previous applications. This allows you to reuse your uploaded resume and some other information for your future applications. This saves you time and energy.

How many job applications should you send?

You should send at least 2 to 3 job applications every day. But keep in mind that it is not the quantity that gets you the job but the quality of your application and the skills and professional experiences that you have.

Read the full guide: How Many Jobs Should I Apply To?

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