Every now and then, LinkedIn introduces a new element that can be leveraged to make your profile even more appealing to colleagues and recruiters. Most recently, they’ve added a “featured” section which allows professionals to display media—everything from LinkedIn posts to external webpages—on their profiles. The new featured section is a good opportunity to showcase the professional work you are most proud of.

Adding content to the Featured section on your LinkedIn profile is simple. Follow these steps. 

1. Locate the “Featured” section on your profile just below the “About” section. 

2. Click on the “Add Featured” hyperlink

how to feature content on your linkedin profile - tutorial image 1

3. Select which type of content to feature.

Display featured content on linkedin profile tutorial image 2

4. To select a LinkedIn post or article, select the star icon just beneath the content you wish to feature

How to add a featured post to your linkedin profile

5. You can add a link by typing the URL into the input field as seen below.

How to add a website link to your linkedin profile

6. You can also upload media from your computer. When you click the “+” beside “media,” your files will automatically appear.

What Types of Content to Feature

The best part about the new featured section is that you can spotlight virtually anything. LinkedIn recommends featuring content that is “representative of your professional identity,” and that seems like good advice. You could also use the featured section to sell products, collect leads, or display advertisements.

Here are some examples of how professionals are using the new LinkedIn “Featured” section.

How to feature portfolio work on your linkedin profile Food stylist, Yasmin Alishav, uses the LinkedIn featured section to display her photography.

How to feature press on your linkedin profile Career search coach, Sarah Johnston, uses the LinkedIn featured section to link to her business’s website and a post in which she is featured.

How to post videos on your linkedin profile Composer and producer, Zac Lavender, spotlights videos of his work in his LinkedIn featured section.

Jon Shields on Linkedin Marketing manager, Jon Shields, uses the featured section to link to the Jobscan explainer video and a recent blog post.

How will you use your featured section?

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