A Quick Lesson in LinkedIn Etiquette:

LinkedIn is not the place to use that photo your friend took of you in your favorite bar (even though the lighting was pretty perfect).

LinkedIn is definitely not a place to share crass political or religious opinions (but is there ever really a place for that?).

LinkedIn is a place to sneak in pieces of your personality and passions in a professional manner– like through volunteer experience.

Why Add Volunteer Experience to Your LinkedIn Profile

Adding volunteer experience to your LinkedIn profile is an ideal way to add a little bit of you to your professional profile. Maybe you paint houses in low-income neighborhoods every spring, or maybe you spend your Thanksgivings feeding the hungry at a soup kitchen.

It’s great if your volunteer experience relates directly to your profession, but even if it doesn’t, a hiring manager will learn a lot about your work ethic through it.

Volunteer experience can also help beef up your LinkedIn profile if you’re new to the workforce or changing careers. It may give you the opportunity to include transferrable skills that can help hiring managers locate your profile when using the LinkedIn search function.

How to Add Volunteer Experience: Quick Guide

  1. Log into your LinkedIn account
  2. Click the blue “Add profile section,” located in your bio
  3. When the dropdown menu appears, click the “+” beside “Volunteer Experience”
  4. Fill in the form and hit “Save”

How to Add Volunteer Experience: Step by Step Guide with Pictures

  1. Log into your LinkedIn Account
linkedin sign in screenshot

2. Click “Add Profile Section” in your bio

linkedin add profile button

3. From the dropdown menu, select the “+” beside “Volunteer Experience”

linkedin add volunteer experience screenshot

4. Fill out the Volunteer Experience section form and hit “Save”.

linkedin add volunteer experience form

LinkedIn Optimization for Job Seekers

Find out what skills your LinkedIn profile is lacking by running your resume through Jobscan’s LinkedIn Optimization tool. It will give you suggestions for improvement based on the type of jobs you’re interested in.

With the information you gain from LinkedIn Optimization, you may even be able to weave some important keywords into your Volunteer Experience to make your LinkedIn profile more searchable by hiring managers.