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A lover of art and technology, Connor enjoyed working in sales and marketing for a Web 3.0 tech company servicing digital asset investments and portfolios in the NFT space. 

But in 2022 the NFT market collapsed and Connor’s contract wasn’t renewed. “I found myself on the job hunt again after quite a while,” he said.

Is there anybody out there?

For about three months, Connor sent resumes and cover letters into what felt like a void. “I didn’t hear anything. Nothing. This is insane,” he remembered thinking.

After doing some research, Connor realized that part of the problem was getting past applicant tracking systems (ATS). This is computer software that most companies use today to help them in the hiring process. 

ATS enables employers to filter resumes based on keywords. Only resumes with the most relevant keywords are sent to hiring managers for further review.

“You’re getting screened by algorithms and then being reviewed by humans if you’re lucky,” Connor said. “That was the main frustration.”

Connor finds Jobscan joy

Connor consulted with professional resume writers but found the process expensive and time-consuming. “Because time was of the essence, right? I needed to start being employed again as fast as I could.”

When Connor discovered Jobscan, he immediately became excited. “I love technology and I’m pretty savvy with it,” he said. “So once I reviewed Jobscan I was like, this is a no-brainer. Yeah, this is great.” 

Jobscan’s resume scanner enabled Connor to quickly add the most relevant skills and keywords to his resume so it could easily be found by hiring managers searching an ATS database.

Finding success on LinkedIn

Connor was especially enthusiastic about Jobscan’s LinkedIn Optimization tool. “Oh, it was the best, seriously,” he said. “It was so cool.”

Using the tool, Connor found immense value in “really tailoring my profile to the jobs I was targeting. That really made a world of difference.” 

The results amazed Connor. “A couple of hours after I optimized my profile, a recruiter was like, oh, we have this position. I was like, wow.”

The following week, another recruiter reached out to Connor on LinkedIn. “Once I crafted the profile to match what the recruiters were looking for, it connected and it worked. I was very, very impressed.”

Landing the dream job

As a direct result of using Jobscan’s LinkedIn Optimization tool, Connor landed a job as Senior Manager of Marketing for an automotive company, a job he loves.

“I am happier than I’ve ever been. It’s why I went to business school. This is what I envisioned myself doing,” he shared, reflecting on his journey and the pivotal role Jobscan played in it. “I couldn’t be happier.”

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